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On Paper: D4 Quarterfinals

By MI Grappler, 02/20/18, 12:30PM EST


#1 Hudson vs #8 Onaway

Weight Hudson Onaway
103 #3 Caden Natale/#10 Dallas Pibbles Aidan Fry
112 Brittney Wolgast
119 CJ Berro Joey Galvez/Dylan Crowe
125 #2 Scotty Torres/Dylan Smith
130 #1 Jordan Hamdan/#8 Tyler Curtis #9 Teddy Peters
135 Kameron Betzer #2 Matthew Grant
140 #3 Carson Price Brendan Fenstermaker
145 #9 Jorge Sereno Seth Enos
152 #10 John Betz Coty Ionetz/Sam Tennant
160 Blake Borck
171 #6 (189) Spencer Blanco Colby Pauly
189 Kyle Moll
215 Alex Connelly
285 Isiah Krizek/Alex Price Garrett Roat

The first trip to the Team State tournament in school history for Onaway will be a challenging one, with top-seeded Hudson as their opponent.  While they do have the potential to snag a couple matches in the middle, the team score will never be in doubt.  The best matchup could come at 135 if Hamdan bumps up to take on Grant.
MIG Prediction: Hudson def. Onaway, 61-6

#4 Mendon vs #5 Pine River

Weight Mendon Pine River
103 Kyle Drewer #8 Caleb Nolf
112 Bodhi Miller #10 (119) Dylan Stephens
119 #1 Nik Andverde Jalen Whipple
125 Logan Hunter #3 Tyer Signor/Jordan Koetje
130 #6 Kody Drewer #4 Jacob Roberts/Henry Keathley
135 #1 Skyler Crespo/Wyatt Diekman Thomas Hooker
140 #8 Eric Vergauwen/Chris Rios #2 Andrew Park
145 Kaden Frye #6 Brock Nelson
152 Sam Cleveland Malachi Holmes
160 Connor Henckel Austin Western
171 #1 Wyatt Cool Creed Watson
189 Mikki Feister #4 Tim Rizor
215 #3 Emmett Bingaman #6 (285) Bryan McCurry
285 Zach Duchene Noah Carper

This is a great matchup and one that will involve some strategy.  

For Mendon: 103 is a toss up, so a win there would be huge.  Andaverde and Cool need big bonus at 119 and 171.  Diekman will likely go 35 with Crespo at 40.  If Crespo weighs in at 140, it gives Mendon the chance to bump alongside PR, but if PR stays down, Henckel would be favored in the 160 match.  Frye/Nelson is a toss up at 145 or 152, if it goes down.  Depending on where they're at in the dual, they could also split matches at 215/285 with a bump to heavyweight by Bingaman.

For Pine River: Have to take advantage of the lower weights.  Heavily favored at 112/125.  Toss up at 103 with a likely win at 130.  The best play in the middle is to slide Park-Nelson-Holmes to 145-160.  Either way they have to try to win 3 matches from 40-60.  Rizor is favored at 189 and then depending on the toss, McCurry could bump to heavy for another win.  

MIG Prediction: Mendon def. Pine River, 31-29

#3 Carson City vs #6 New Lothrop

Weight Carson City New Lothrop
103 #4 Nolan Datema Andrew Krupp
112 #3 (119) Jamison Ward/Gunnar Eyer Jackson Knieper
119 #7 (125) Jaron Johnson Logan Wolford/Tommy Malloy
125 #10 Logan Zell
130 #5 Aiden Adkins/Kohlton Blasher
135 #8 Daryn Shepler Will Taylor/Austin Barnette
140 #2 (145) Braxton Seida #1 Austin Wolford
145 Caleb Collins/Noah Heckman Micah Poletti
152 #7 Zackery Riley/Austin Wendling
160 Konner Datema/Brandon Murray Julius Garza/Cole Wendling
171 Nash Akin #3 Justin Carnahan
189 #2 Daniel Smith/#6 (215) Brian Yeakey Allan Jamick
215 Garrett Birchmeier
285 Seth Seida Cameron Dusenberry

Last year these two met in the same round with New Lothrop pulling off a one point win and eventually advancing to the title match.  Expect another very close dual this year.  

For Carson City: There's a real chance that they could take 103-135.  It's not the most likely scenario, but their guys will be in position to win all six.  At 112, Eyer beat Knieper in OT earlier so that will be critical.  That makes Ward and Johnson bump up, with Johnson likely taking on Wolford in a toss up.  There isn't much reasoning in Seida taking on Wolford, so they'll probably try to get him away.  

For New Lothrop: The aforementioned matchups at 112 and 125 are huge for the Hornets, as is 130, assuming Zell bumps to wrestle Adkins.  There's also the question of if they want to chase Seida with Wolford or simply swap matches.  They should be favored at 152-171.  Maybe a move that happens is Carnahan to 189.  Depending on where they're at in the dual, they might have to do that, with Jamick to 215 as well.

MIG Prediction: New Lothrop def. Carson City, 33-32

#2 Clinton vs #7 Springport

Weight Clinton Springport
103 #1 AJ Baxter Robert Paterson
112 Brandon Beach/Nate Darm Trenton Graddy
119 Christian Minard Gavin Caudill
125 #1 Noah Comar/#9 Spencer Konz Dylan Sanford/Kris Deyoe
130 Anthony Stockdale/Landis Gilman
135 #6 Thomas Potter
140 #10 Riley Jeffrey/#10 (145) Jeffrey Konz Zach Potter
145 Devin Strong
152 Garrett Phillips #3 Noah Teague/Gage Warner
160 #3 Brayden Randolph Barak Haring
171 Eathan Hicks/Cecil Rafferty #8 Zack Betz
189 #10 Trent Sexton
215 Ryan Phillips Aaron Ludwig
285 #4 Don Stump #2 Luke Overweg

These two teams met early in the season with Clinton pulling out a six point win.  And while you'd think they might have had some guys out, it was pretty much both teams at full strength.  

For Clinton: They'll need to pick up a lot of bonus down low.  Beach could be the guy at 112 and if he's able to flip that match then it's huge for them.  It's likely Sexton will stay down at 189 also.  

For Springport: Will have to win that 112 match again.  Obviously flipping a one point match at 140 would be enormous for them as well.  Looked at bumping Teague to Randolph if they absolutely needed it but it doesn't make any sense since they don't have the depth to slide someone in behind him.  

MIG Prediction: Clinton def. Springport, 38-26

March 18, 2018 - Brighton High School

March 18, 2018 - Brighton High School