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On Paper: D1 Quarterfinals

By MI Grappler, 02/20/18, 7:00PM EST


#1 Detroit Catholic Central vs #8 Hudsonville

Weight Detroit CC Hudsonville
103 Daniel Rehfeldt Dante Kohn
112 Devon Johnsen Christian Dow
119 #1 Ben Kamali #8 Kameron Kempker
125 #3 Stone Moscovic/#6 Dominick Lomazzo Evan Higgs
130 #1 Josh Edmond Tyler West
135 #1 Derek Gilcher #6 Jack Samuels
140 #1 (145) Kevon Davenport/#3 Logan Sanom Cameron Ensign
145 #2 Joe Urso James Samuels/Ben Lirio
152 #1 Cameron Amine Chase Mol
160 John Browning Evan Mol/Garrett Rice
171 #7 Aidan Wagh Bryce Herrema
189 #3 Rory Cox/#4 Brendin Yatooma Marcus Kachur
215 #1 Easton Turner Kyle Scott/Tyler Kelley
285 #2 Steven Kolcheff #3 Seth Hoonhurst

Tough draw for Hudsonville, and really most teams.  The Eagles did have a great season and competed with some of the best teams.  This will be a different experience, however.  A big match will go down at heavyweight between #2 Kolcheff and #3 Hoonhurst.  Other than that, depending on where the Shamrocks wrestle some guys, one of the Samuels twins could have a shot to win a match.
MIG Prediction: DCC def. Hudsonville, 60-3

#4 Westland John Glenn vs #5 Davison

Weight John Glenn Davison
103 Ty Cowan Mackenzie Gilbert
112 Ethan Collins #2 Andrew Chambal/#4 Steven Garty
119 #6 Caleb Meekins
125 #1 Mike Mars/Kyle Borthwell #9 James Johnston
130 #4 Isaac Lefler/Brandon McCollom Raymond Cole
135 #4 Marc Shaeffer
140 #2 Anthony Gibson/Shawn Brown Camden Marshall
145 #8 Brenten Polk Landon Kish
152 #2 Alex Facundo/#5 Brian Case
160 Graden Bowen/Justin Morrison #4 Jay Nivison
171 Chase Kersten #2 Cal Stefanko
189 George Schwemle #10 Trevor McGowan
215 Dushon Faison Travis Eads
285 Donald Farris #7 Arron Gilmore

When Glenn knocked off Davison in January, some dismissed it because the Cards were without either Facundo and Chambal was at 112.  Fast forward a month and it seems the roster they will roll out at Team State will be pretty similar to the first meeting, which will make for another amazing dual.  Either one of these teams would be a worthy state finalist.  

For Davison: If Jaron Wilson is still out, Chambal and Garty will probably both be at 112.  One of them has to face off with Meekins, probably Chambal - last time Meekins pinned him quickly.  The odds of that happening again are slim but Meekins is very dangerous.  And the other question mark would be 145.  I don't know if any of their ranked guys can get down anymore.  And it also makes sense that they could bump the lineup from 152-215 should they advance to the next round.  

For John Glenn: Since the Rockets are trying to take 119-145, we will probably see Gibson at 140.  Expect them to try to get Mars on Johnston and try to get a Lefler-Shaeffer matchup at 135, which was a one point match last time.  Having Gibson at 140 blocks Shaeffer from bumping.  103 will be a must win, and 285 was a one point match in the first meeting.

MIG Prediction: Davison def. Westland John Glenn, 31-28

#3 Macomb Dakota vs #6 Oxford

Weight Dakota Oxford
103 #2 Brock Prater/#3 Brendan Ferretti #5 Matthew Curtis
112 #1 Nick Alayan #9 Ashton Anderson/Jack Thompson
119 #2 Justin Tiburcio Liam Hillary
125 Connor Casey/Andrew Barrett Nathan Call
130 Daltan Myers
135 Brandon Alkazir #3 Sergio Borg/Joe Vackaro
140 Tommy Gawlowski
145 Reid Maher #4 Ryan Miller
152 Christian Karges #8 Trent Myre
160 #3 Dustin Solomon #5 Caleb Tabert/Devin Trevino
171 #1 Layne Malczewski/Eli Andary
189 #9 Austin Schlicht/Thomas Wandrie
215 Mike Robinson
285 #5 Rahmi Khalil Jason Green

Another really good matchup and rematch from earlier in the year.  In the first meeting Dakota had Solomon out, while Oxford was without Miller and Trevino.  Dakota also won an injury default at 160.  So this dual should be much tighter than the first meeting.  

For Dakota: We'll probably see the lineup shift down from 160 last time as Solomon is re-entered there.  Solomon beat Tabert 9-1 in the DCC finals.  Another critical match will be Andary on Wandrie.  There's also some uncertainty of who they will roll out down low; last time they bumped pretty much everyone.  

For Oxford: Obviously the return of the two top-five guys will help tremendously.  It's likely that they will have Vackaro and Borg at 35/40.  Trevino will keep Malczewski down and force the Wandrie-Andrary match.  Another big one will be Myre-Karges at 152.

MIG Prediction: Macomb Dakota def. Oxford, 36-24

#2 Brighton vs #7 Hartland

Weight Brighton Hartland
103 #4 Mason Shrader Keegan Merenuk
112 #7 Ben Manly #5 Wyatt Nault/Bryce Cheney
119 Logan Kehres #4 Corey Cavanaugh
125 #4 Eddie Homrock/#7 Zach Johnson #2 Kyle Kantola/Josh Latham
135 Aiden Brown Carter Hankins
140 #9 Dane Donabedian Greg Pietila
145 #5 Nick Bleise/#9 Victor Grabowski Devon Pietila
152 #7 Tanner Culver
160 #9 Harley Berne/Jack Ireton #2 River Shettler/#10 Reece Potter
189 #7 Greyson Stevens Paul Corder
215 #8 Luke Stanton Jack Callaghan
285 Colby Ford Jon Hartman

The third rematch of the D1 quarterfinals comes between Livingston County rivals and features two of the last three teams to win the Division 1 crown.  There will be no shortage of tight matches and both teams will likely use a little creativity to pull off the win.

For Brighton: The Dogs have to capitalize on the upper weights.  They took all three bouts last time and will need to do so again.  They will also try to get Berne off of Shettler and on Potter, although that will be a tough match as well.  The 160 weight also lines up with 125 in terms of the flip, so if they can get that then they'll probably get Homrock on Kantola and put Johnson at 130.  At 112 Manly was pinned by Nault in the first dual in a match he was winning late; flipping that result would be big.

For Hartland: Pretty much the opposite of the above.  They'll look to get Shettler on Berne and Potter on Ireton at 160/171.  Also it is likely they will try to get Kantola off of Homrock, unless they want Hankins on Johnson at 130 and Pietila on Brown at 135.  Two big matches that they lost the first dual were Culver to Bleise at 152 and Callaghan to Stanton in overtime at 215.  Flipping one is big, flipping both would be enormous.  There's also a chance that Joey Livingston, a state qualifier from last year, could be back and add a wrinkle into the mix.  

MIG Prediction: Brighton def. Hartland, 34-21

March 18, 2018 - Brighton High School

March 18, 2018 - Brighton High School