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On Paper: D3 Quarterfinals

By MI Grappler, 02/21/18, 12:45PM EST


#1 Dundee vs #8 Comstock Park

Weight Dundee Comstock Park
103 #4 Austin Fietz Bailey Borgeld
112 #2 Tyler Swiderski Tristen Gore
119 #4 Jonathon White Conor Loftis
125 #7 Daniel Jaworski Dylan Whidden
130 #4 Christian Killion Zion Taylor
135 #1 Stoney Buell Austin Sanders
140 #10 Grant Ott Christian Maldonado
145 #5 Cal McAvoy Logan Witvoet
152 #1 Zach Bellaire Nick Brill
160 #3 Tylor Orrison Israel Mayorga
171 #3 Jaxon Guinn Victor Ramirez
189 #8 Kyle Motylinski Roshawn Williams/Adam Armock
215 #1 Brandon Whitman/#10 (189) Kyle Reinhart #4 Joe Nagle

Dundee will be heavily favored over Comstock Park, as is typically the case in a 1-8 matchup.  While CP has some very strong wrestlers through the middle of the lineup, it'll be tough to squeak out a win.  The best shot may come at 215 or 285 if they can get Nagle off of Whitman.  Or, maybe they want that matchup to see where the undefeated Nagle stands with the 3x state champ.
MIG Prediction: Dundee def. Comstock Park, 60-3

#4 Whitehall vs #5 Birch Run

Weight Whitehall Birch Run
103 Matthew Goodrich
112 Sam Baustert Christian Miller
119 Hunter Bower/Haddan Young #3 Macintyre Breece/Blake Szemites
130 Mitchell White Kyle Parlberg/Nolan Bovee
135 #9 Tom Balaskovitz/Kris Dowdell
140 Kyler Honore #5 Mason Breece/Ty Tanner
145 #10 Trenton Blanchard/Hunter Pladies
152 #8 Trenton Naragon/Ben Mudge
160 #9 Derek McCollom
171 #5 Kayleb Venema Austin Childs
189 #4 Allen Powers #3 Brockton Cook
215 Jarean Sargent Trevor Beck
285 Alex Britton Terrance Watson

This is without a doubt the dual to watch in the D3 quarterfinals.  It'll be the closest on the scoreboard but will also have a pretty good amount of lineup jostling from both sides which always is fun to follow.  The two teams were at the New Lothrop tournament where shockingly only one head-to-head match occurred.  Whitehall qualified five to the individual state tournament while Birch Run pushed through six.  

For Whitehall: Winning the toss should be pretty important as both teams have some options.  The other move that could happen is Powers up to 215, depending on where the dual starts.  A rematch of last year's 103 5th place match between Baustert and Miller will also be critical.  Another match to watch for is White vs Parlberg.  If White can pull that off it would be huge for Whitehall.  The Vikings are no stranger to the Team State and that could be advantageous when things get tight down the stretch.

For Birch Run: As stated above, the toss is huge.  If BR wins that, they have the upper hand and could really blow the dual open.  They'll most likely try to get Breece up to 145 and it's also possible that Naragon is up at 160.  Cook beat Powers at New Lothrop so if those two meet it'll be important that he repeats that result.  Even though they forfeit 103, they're almost certain to win seven matches, so finding another win along the way would almost lock the dual up.

MIG Prediction: Birch Run def. Whitehall, 33-26

#3 Chippewa Hills vs #6 Dowagiac

Weight Chippewa Hills Dowagiac
103 Daylin Wittig Tyler Huston
112 Carson Hayes Dylan Elmore
119 Ozaawagllzhig Manito #9 Kody Walker
125 #10 Bray Haynes Alex McIntosh/Jessie Edge
130 Korante Lowery
135 Justin Bonner/Caleb Fate Deny White
140 Mason Hayes Xander Keller
145 #6 Austin Young Nick Turnbow/Gage Williams
152 #4 Jaycob Sharp/Brandon Russell Lamberto Paredes
160 David Spedowski
171 #4 Robert Granberry Justin Lyle
189 Chayton Wiggins Michael Schulz/Dylan Andersen
215 #3 Billy Koepf
285 #10 Andrew Vinton Wyatt Bailey

Chip Hills is the heavy favorite in this dual but Dowagiac is riding a wave of momentum heading in so expect them to pull out all the stops in hopes of an upset.  The Warriors pushed ten through to state compared to two for Dowagiac.  

For Chip Hills: For the matches that they are heavily favored in, picking up bonus will put the dual away early and give them some breathing room.  They have a distinct advantage in the upper weights and aren't really out of any match in the dual so there's a possibility for a landslide victory.

For Dowagiac: Going to have to get creative a bit to close the gap in this dual.  112 will be big with '17 SQ Elmore vs Hayes.  They could also bump Elmore to 119 and Walker to 125 to try and take out Haynes.  Lyle will likely be at 189 in a battle of state qualifiers with Wiggins.  White at 135 could pick up another win, and then another win in the middle is possible.  

MIG Prediction: Chippewa Hills def. Dowagiac, 49-9

#2 Richmond vs #7 Alma

Weight Richmond Alma
103 #10 JD Gross #8 Nolan Rodriguez/Dominic Anguiano
112 #7 Daniel McNichol Solomon Rosales
119 Josh Barton #6 Dametrius Castillo
125 Austin Kilburn Terry Wentworth
130 Hunter Seguin #8 Jarrett Ferman/Jacob Torrez
135 #6 Alec Ziza
140 #4 Hadyen Bastian Jaden Jerome
145 #3 Alex Roberts/Ethan Wyatt Alex Rosas
152 #7 Eric Barr Justin VanBlaricum
160 #5 David Kaltz Trenton Knopf/Coleton Garrett
171 Noah Montanari
189 #6 Luke Davis Norman Davis
215 #2 Colton McKiernan Hunter Frost
285 #1 Tyler Marino #6 Greg Simmons

Actually a pretty solid matchup here.  Though the final result should never be in doubt, Alma has the ability to win several matches.  There is a definite contrast in experience as Richmond has been a mainstay at the Team State tournament.  This is Alma's first trip after a banner year for the Panthers.

For Richmond: It's almost certain that the lineup above will not be what they roll out as the Blue Devils are famous for making some extreme lineup shifts.  That said, for this dual, they should be able to take care of business without much movement.  Particularly the middle and upper weights they should be able to put up big points and put the dual away.

For Alma: The lower weights are where they could do some damage, with winnable matches at 103, 119, and 130.  Depending on who Richmond puts at 125, they could pick up another one.  Rosas has been out for a little bit, but if he is back in the lineup, he could challenge for another win.  And then heavyweight, with two of the top six squaring off, poses another intriguing matchup.

MIG Prediction: Richmond def. Alma 46-9

March 18, 2018 - Brighton High School

March 18, 2018 - Brighton High School