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On Paper: D2 Quarterfinals

By MI Grappler, 02/22/18, 11:00AM EST


#1 Lowell vs #8 Tecumseh

Weight Lowell Tecumseh
103 #3 Nick Korhorn Jeremiah Torres
112 Hunter Browning #2 Vince Perez
119 #7 Dawson Jankowski #9 Josh Hilton
125 Zeth Strejc #9 Kellen Patton
130 #7 Jeff Leach/Doak Dean Rolando Robison/Victor Coscarelli
135 #1 Avry Mutschler
140 #8 James Fotis Kyle Yuhas
145 #1 Austin Boone/Channing Perry Brenden Dyer/Andrew Winkler
160 Derek Mohr Gabe Bechtol
171 #2 Austin Engle Clayton Boatright
189 #1 David Kruse Ryan Roberts
215 #4 Keigan Yuhas/#10 Connor Nugent Jackson Danley
285 #4 Tyler Delooff Mychal Bryan

A rematch of last year's quarterfinal which Lowell won 41-20.  Expect the Red Arrows to widen that gap a bit, but this is is a strong Tecumseh team that is coming off of a huge win at Team Regionals over New Boston Huron.

For Lowell: The horsepower for the Arrows should put this dual away, namely the upperweights and top-ranked Mutschler and Boone.  Korhorn should be able to pick up bonus at 103 as well.  There are a handful of matches from 112-160 that could be considered toss ups but if they can win them the dual would become a bit lopsided.

For Tecumseh: The lightweight trio of Perez-Hilton-Patton have to give them points.  Perez is heavy favorite and still unbeaten on the season.  Hilton and Patton will have swing matches; Hilton defeated Jankowski 2-0 in OT at last year's Team State.  Yuhas has come on strong late in the year and could challenge at 140.  Also look for senior Gabe Bechtol to be in position to pull out a win at 160.

MIG Prediction: Lowell def. Tecumseh, 48-14

#4 Eaton Rapids vs #5 Stevensville Lakeshore

Weight Eaton Rapids Lakeshore
103 #4 Robert Davids #1 Riley Bettich/#6 Bailey DeLaTorre
112 Tyler Koehn
119 #8 (125) Chris Haynes/DaCoda Whalen Jonathan Gelesko
125 Blake Kowalk #7 Shane Williams
130 Hayden Campbell Justin Crowder
135 #6 Chad Haynes #3 Tony Williams
140 #2 Caleb Fish/Coltin Anderson Erik Taylor/Kearri Myrick
152 Brayden McNamara Alec Austin
160 #2 Austin O'Hearon #8 Cody Carlisle
171 Jared Davis/Dan Parish Jake Taylor
189 Dylan Norris Ryan Rush
215 Dallas Price Zeke Rohl
285 #2 Tyler Hill

This is a really good 4/5 matchup with two high quality teams.  Both have had to survive tough duals to get to this point already, ER with DeWitt and Lakeshore with Niles, so they're definitely battle tested.  Where guys weigh in will also be critical as both teams have some options.  

For Eaton Rapids: Chances are Davids will stay at 103 since they have a solid guy in Koehn at 12.  They also may have to get Haynes on Williams at 125.  The toss at 135 is big, as a bump is probable from Haynes-Fish to 140-145.  McNamara-Austin is a big swing match at 152.  The upperweights are underdogs, so minimizing bonus up top will be their primary task.  

For Lakeshore: Conversely, the Lancers need to capitalize with the big guys.  Assuming Williams weighs in at 35, it's likely they'll keep him away from Fish.  If they can build a lead with the lower weights, depending on where it starts, it'd almost put the dual away.  It'll be interesting to see how they'll approach 103-125.  

MIG Prediction: Lakeshore def. Eaton Rapids, 31-28

#3 Gaylord vs #6 Goodrich

Weight Gaylord Goodrich
103 Will Sides Jason Henrie
112 #1 Chayse LaJoie Autumn Teague
119 #6 John Sosa #3 Caleb Teague
125 #2 Derek Giallombardo #10 Carson Turnbow
130 Rico Brown Tristin Katulski
135 Cody Starks Jimmy McMillan
140 #5 Jacob McKnight/Seth Gregory Dominic Edwards/Carter Lauinger
145 Brady Schulz/Dimitri Smith
152 Kenny Smith Sam Fisher/Colin Austin
160 Nick Brewster #9 James Penfold/Kevin Patterson
171 #5 Cade Foster #4 Juwan Vines
189 Austin Kettlewell #7 Honour Kline
215 AJ Krumholz
285 #6 Joe Markham #5 Blake Coffell

Along with the above dual, this is one of the most intriguing matchups of the quarterfinal round in any division.  Goodrich is not your typical 6 seed and poses some serious matchup problems for Gaylord.  Gaylord does have some flexibility with their roster and could make some moves to get their guys in the right spots.

For Gaylord: As mentioned above, Gaylord does have some flexibility so they could slide the lower weights up and capitalize on 103/112. It makes sense to maximize points and winnable matches.  It's possible As the lineups sit, they'd be looking at relative toss up matches from 130-152, though each team would be favored in one of those.  You'd have to think Brewster will be at 171 so they can make some adjustments if needed in the upperweights.  Markham-Coffell is a major swing at heavy.

For Goodrich: The Martians will have to get creative and move some pieces around but there is a possible path to victory here.  They'll probably try to get Turnbow off of Giallombardo and attempt to pick up a win.  Katulski, McMillan, and Edwards all have potential to snag victories as well.  Penfold and Teague are favored, Coffell has a toss up at HWT.  If they can get Vines off Foster, then he and Kline could add two more wins.  

MIG Prediction: Gaylord dec. Goodrich, 30-27

#2 Warren Woods Tower vs #7 Allendale

Weight WW Tower Allendale
103 #2 Joe Haynes Zachary DeBoer
112 Dru Wilson/Gavin Shoobridge Cristian Perez
119 #2 David Stepanian Austin Brown
125 #1 Chaise Mayer/Manny Hazard Asher Meekhoff/Chad Akins
135 Ryan Daniel Gabe TeBos
140 Jack Pehote Max TeBos
145 #10 Keff O'Connell #4 Nate Wynsma/Jayden Pothoof
152 #5 Jajuan Lovejoy/Austin Frederick
160 Cullen Geoffrey Dillon Reeder
171 Trey Barbour Finn Aungst/Owen Burk
189 Derek Graybill Gabe Sikma
215 #3 Joel Radvansky/CJ Shier Jordan DeGroot
285 Adam Ginn

This one has potential to be a sneaky good dual.  Allendale is no slouch and actually could match up with Tower pretty well.  While WWT has the top end talent, Allendale has balance throughout their lineup.  Expect a great dual from both sides.

For WWT: Tower has five guys ranked in the top five so the bonus that they could generate would be critical.  O'Connell will probably get away from Wynsma which could slide the lineup.  Frederick and Barbour have been out for a bit, and if they are still out it could be a problem.  They would look to some role players to step and fill in.  

For Allendale: The Falcons will need to get Meekhof away from Mayer at 125.  They have major swing matches at 112, 135, 140, and 160.  Those matches could go either way and to win the dual they'd likely have to take them all.  Add in a win from Wynsma and now they're in the dual.  It's a possibility for them, but again, they'll have to be clicking.

MIG Prediction: Warren Woods Tower def. Allendale, 34-22