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On Paper: D1/D4 Semifinals

By MI Grappler, 02/24/18, 7:00AM EST


D1 #1 Detroit CC vs D1 #5 Davison

Weight DCC Davison
103 Daniel Rehfeldt Mackenzie Gilbert
112 Devon Johnsen #4 Steven Garty
119 #1 Ben Kamali #2 (112) Andrew Chambal
125 #3 Stone Moscovic/#6 Dominick Lomazzo #9 James Johnston
130 #1 Josh Edmond HM Raymond Cole
135 #1 Derek Gilcher #4 Marc Shaeffer
140 #3 Logan Sanom Landon Kish
145 #1 Kevon Davenport/#2 Joe Urso #2 (152) Alex Facundo
152 #1 Cameron Amine #5 Brian Case
160 #4 Jay Nivison
171 #7 Aidan Wagh #2 Cal Stefanko/#10 (189) Trevor McGowan
189 #3 Rory Cox/#4 Brendin Yatooma
215 #1 Easton Turner Travis Eads
285 #2 Steven Kolcheff #7 Arron Gilmore

One of the state's most storied rivalries renews Saturday morning with the top seeded Shamrocks of Detroit Catholic Central and Davison Cardinals.  Featuring two of the top teams in any division, this dual will showcase a number of exciting matches.  While CC may come in as the heaviest favorite of the tournament, Davison can never be counted out.

Detroit CC: The two lineup decisions that the Rocks will have to make are at 125 and 145.  125 is interesting as Moscovic lost to Johnston in the dual but Lomazzo beat Johnston at the CC Invite.  Though Moscovic beat Lomazzo head-to-head, it may be a better style matchup to go with the freshman.  The other decision comes at 145 with who faces Facundo.  Davenport owns a win over Facundo from last spring but there is a distinct size advantage now.  We could see Urso slide in and Davenport-Amine bump to 152/160.

Davison: It appears the Cards will probably attack this dual with the lineup they have.  Expect Stefanko to bump to 189 and McGowan wrestle 171 as they'll have to try and take both matches there.  As mentioned, Johnston has a big swing match at 125, as does Gilmore at heavy.  Shaeffer to 140 could be a move that they make as well.  

MIG Prediction: Detroit CC def. Davison, 38-17

D1 #2 Brighton vs D1 #3 Macomb Dakota

Weight Brighton Dakota
103 #4 Mason Shrader #2 Brock Prater/#3 Brendan Ferretti
112 #7 Ben Manly #1 Nick Alayan
119 Logan Kehres #2 Justin Tiburcio
125 #4 Eddie Homrock HM Connor Casey
130 #7 (125) Zach Johnson HM (125) Andrew Barrett
135 HM Aiden Brown HM Brandon Alkazir
140 #9 Dane Donabedian HM Tommy Gawlowski
145 #5 Nick Bleise/#9 Victor Grabowski Reid Maher
152 Christian Karges
160 #9 Harley Berne/Jack Ireton #3 Dustin Solomon
171 #1 Layne Malczewski/HM Eli Andary
189 #7 Greyson Stevens
215 #8 Luke Stanton Mike Robinson
285 Colby Ford #5 Rahmi Khalil

The bottom half of the D1 bracket features a rematch of a mid-January dual which was won by Brighton, 38-27.  Dakota was without #3 Dustin Solomon at 160 in that dual.  Expect this one to come down to the wire and it's probably a coin flip on paper.  The team that maximize bonus points for and minimize bonus points again will be the team that earns the right to battle for a State Championship.

Brighton: Really only two decisions for the Dogs - 145 and 160.  They'll have to take both matches at 145 and 152, so they'll look for the best matchup on Karges at 152, a state qualifier in 2017.  It's imperative that they win one match from 160-189 as well.  Coach Greathouse will have to take a look at who gives them the best chance to do that, but outside of those two, they'll run this lineup straight up more than likely.

Dakota: Like Brighton, not too much decision making to be made here, save 171.  Expect them to get Malczewski on Stevens at 189 but an Andary win at 171 would all but put the dual away.  Depending on where the dual starts, they also have the option to put Ferretti in at 103 and slide the lower weights up.  That would potentially put Tiburcio on Homrock at 125, which would be a humongous swing match.

MIG Prediction: Macomb Dakota def. Brighton, 30-29

D4 #1 Hudson vs D4 #5 Pine River

Weight Hudson Pine River
103 #3 Caden Natale/#10 Dallas Pibbles #8 Caleb Nolf
112 #10 (119) Dylan Stephens
119 HM CJ Berro Jalen Whipple/Henry Keathley
125 #8 (130) Tyler Curtis HM Jordan Koetje
130 #2 (125) Scotty Torres #3 (125) Tyler Signor
135 #1 (130) Jordan Hamdan/Kameron Betzer #4 (130) Jacob Roberts
145 #3 (140) Carson Price/#9 Jorge Sereno #2 (140) Andrew Park
152 #6 (145) Brock Nelson
160 #10 John Betz/Blake Borck Malachi Holmes
171 #6 (189) Spencer Blanco Creed Watson
189 HM (215) Kyle Moll #4 Tim Rizor
215 Alex Price #6 (285) Bryan McCurry/Noah Carper
285 Isiah Krizek

The defending state champion Hudson Tigers rolled to a 70+ point win in the quarters and will square off with Pine River, fresh off an impressive performance against Mendon.  This one has several possibilities of how the dual could turn out and both teams are mainstays at Team State.  

Hudson: Scott Marry did some jostling with his lineup, dropping Curtis to 125 and bumping Torres and Hamdan to 30 and 35.  Price weighed in at 145, too, to give them some additional options in the middle.  They'll try to get Pine River to show at 135 and 145 and if they win the toss they'll put Hamdan on Roberts and Price on Park.  

Pine River: Just the opposite of Hudson, Pine River will try and get Roberts and Park away from Hamdan and Price.  However, if they need the win, Park could stay down on Price.  Also depending on the situation, they have an option at 215 with McCurry.  He could either go 215 or bump to heavy, where he qualified for state.  Bonus points will be huge and could make up for losses along the way.

MIG Prediction: Hudson def. Pine River, 39-21

D4 #2 Clinton vs D4 #6 New Lothrop

Weight Clinton New Lothrop
103 #1 AJ Baxter HM Andrew Krupp
112 Brandon Beach/Nate Darm Jackson Knieper
119 #1 (125) Noah Comar/Christian Minard HM Logan Wolford/Tommy Malloy
130 HM Anthony Stockdale/#9 (125) Spencer Konz #10 (125) Logan Zell
135 Will Taylor/Austin Barnette
140 #10 Riley Jeffrey #1 Austin Wolford/Micah Poletti
145 #10 Jeffrey Konz/Garrett Phillips Austin Wendling
152 #7 Zackery Riley
160 #3 Brayden Randolph/HM (171) Eathan Hicks Mason Ruddy
171 #3 Justin Carnahan/Julius Garza/Cole Wendling
189 #10 Trent Sexton/HM (171) Cecil Rafferty HM Allan Jamick
215 HM Garrett Birchmeier
285 #4 Don Stump HM Cameron Dusenberry

New Lothrop may have been the most impressive team in any division in the Quarterfinals, knocking off #3 Carson City by 20+ points.  They always seem to click when the stakes are high and this year appears to be no different.  They have a worthy challenger and a battle-tested team in Clinton, who won soundly over Springport in the opening round.  There's a good chance this one comes down to a 7-7 split and bonus points decide the dual.

Clinton: A big move made by the Redskins was dropping Comar to 119.  That gives them a chance to get him the best matchup at either 119 or 125 if they win the flip.  There's a great deal of lineup flexibility outside of that as well with double entries from starters at 130, 145, 160, and 189.  An intriguing bump would be Randolph to 171 but that may be a move made only if necessary.  

New Lothrop: The Hornet staff will look to take one of the two matches between 19 and 25.  They also have #1 Wolford sitting at 140 and we could see him up at 145 as he did in the first dual.  Carnahan could slide to 189 if need be, but Jamick is riding some momentum after a huge win in the quarters.  Expect New Lothrop to be fired up as they look to advance to their fifth straight finals.

MIG Prediction: New Lothrop def. Clinton, 31-28