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On Paper: D2/D3 Semifinals

By MI Grappler, 02/24/18, 7:00AM EST


D2 #1 Lowell vs D2 #4 Eaton Rapids

Weight Lowell Eaton Rapids
103 #3 Nick Korhorn #4 Robert Davids
112 Hunter Browning Tyler Koehn
119 #7 Dawson Jankowski DaCoda Whalen
125 HM Zeth Strjec #8 Chris Haynes/Blake Kowalk
130 #7 Jeff Leach/HM Doak Dean Hayden Campbell
135 Coltin Anderson
140 #1 (135) Avry Mutschler/#8 James Fotis #2 Caleb Fish/#6 (135) Chad Hayes
145 #1 Austin Boone
152 Channing Perry/Derek Mohr HM Brayden McNamara
160 #2 Austin O'Hearon/Jared Davis
171 #2 Austin Engle
189 #1 David Kruse Dylan Norris/Dan Parish
215 #4 Keigan Yuhas HM Dallas Price
285 #4 Tyler Delooff

A rematch of the 2015 state finals features top-ranked Lowell and #4 Eaton Rapids.  Lowell cruised to the semis while ER battled past their second straight quality team in Stevensville Lakeshore.  Lowell advanced 13 wrestlers to the individual state compared to seven for Eaton Rapids, but the Greyhounds are stingy and are a very good dual meet team.  (Side note: Eaton Rapids fans travelled the best on day one - loudest fan section by a mile). 

Lowell: The Arrows have some options through the middle with Leach/Dean at 130 and back to back number ones in Mutschler and Boone at 140 and 145.  Fotis is having a great year as well and could play a factor at either weight.  Outside of that, they'll more than likely trot out the lineup that got them here - one that is talented and gives them a great shot to advance.

Eaton Rapids: The Greyhounds have double entries at 125, 140, and 160.  You have to think Haynes stays down at 125 unless they start in the upperweights, then Kowalk could slide in and Campbell could move to 135.  Fish at 140 is probably the best bet as Boone traps him by weighing in at 145.  Davis could drop in at 160 and O'Hearon may bump to 171 to set up a battle of number twos.  He's spent time at 171 so it won't be unfamiliar territory.

MIG Prediction: Lowell def. Eaton Rapids, 33-18

D2 #2 Warren Woods Tower vs D2 #3 Gaylord

Weight WW Tower Gaylord
103 #2 Joe Haynes Will Sides
112 HM Dru Wilson #1 Chayse LaJoie/Jacob Clemens
119 #2 David Stepanian/Mat Booth #2 (125) Derek Giallombardo
125 #1 Chaise Mayer/Manny Hazard #6 (119) John Sosa
130 Rico Brown
135 Ryan Daniel/Lukus Nummer Cody Starks
140 Jack Pehote #5 Jacob McKnight/Seth Gregory
145 #10 Keff O'Connell Brady Schulz
152 Austin Frederick Dimitri Smith/Kenny Smith
160 #5 (152) Jajuan Lovejoy/Kullen Geoffrey
171 #5 Cade Foster/HM (160) Nick Brewster
189 Tyler Golema
215 #3 Joel Radvansky/HM (285) CJ Shier AJ Krumholz
285 #6 Joe Markham

The 2-3 matchup in D2 will likely be the marquee matchup in the afternoon session with an expectation of an extremely close dual.  112-130 poses all sorts of lineup questions on both sides.  Whichever team can have the upper hand in that stretch will be in the best position to win the dual.  

WW Tower: Stepanian and Mayer could be in position to bump if LaJoie stays down at 112.  If not, Mayer could still bump to 130 and swap matches with Giallombardo.  In the quarters, Tower slid the lineup from 140-160 up a weight and it's not a bad idea to make that move again here.  A big decision will come at heavyweight with who to throw out against Markham.  If the dual's on the line, it'll be Radvansky, but Coach Mayer may be content just to split the pair.

Gaylord: Again, LaJoie, Giallombardo, and Sosa are all in a position to have tough matches so they need to try to figure out how to win two of the three at least.  McKnight could bump to O'Connell at 145, which would put Gregory on Pehote at 140.  If Tower does slide the lineup, expect Foster to stay down at 171 and Brewster to go up to 189.  

MIG Prediction: Gaylord def. Warren Woods Tower, 35-32

D3 #1 Dundee vs D3 #4 Whitehall

Weight Dundee Whitehall
103 #4 Austin Fietz Matthew Goodrich
112 #2 Tyler Swiderski Sam Baustert
119 #4 Jonathon White Haddan Young/Hunter Bower
125 #7 Daniel Jaworski
130 #4 Christian Killion Mitch White
135 #1 Stoney Buell #9 Tom Balaskovitz
140 #10 Grant Ott Kyler Honore
145 #5 Cal McAvoy Josh Thommen
152 #1 Zach Bellaire #10 (145) Trenton Blanchard
160 #1 Tylor Orrison #9 Derek McCollom
171 #3 Jaxon Guinn #5 Kayleb Venema
189 #8 Kyle Motylinski #4 Allen Powers
215 #1 Brandon Whitman/#10 (189) Kyle Reinhart Jarean Sargent
285 Alex Britton

#1 Dundee squares off with fourth ranked Whitehall on the heels of their win over a top-five team in Birch Run.  The high level talent of Dundee exceeds that of Whitehall undoubtedly but the underdogs are used to the semifinals in recent years and they have a group of seasoned wrestlers.  

Dundee: With 19 wrestlers on the roster, not many lineup moves are even feasible but what is for sure is they will put a ranked wrestler out at every weight.  The big matches will take place in the upper weights, but it's important that the light weights take care of business as well.

Whitehall: Venema and Powers have swing matches at 171 and 189 that could give the Vikings a boost up top.  Balaskovitz is a prime candidate to bump away from Buell to Ott at 140, where he spent much of the season anyway.  They'll look to get favorable matchups at 119 and 125 with Young and Bower, both past state qualifiers.

MIG Prediction: Dundee def. Whitehall, 48-9

D3 #2 Richmond vs D3 #3 Chippewa Hills

Weight Richmond Chip Hills
103 #10 JD Gross Daylin Wittig
112 #7 Daniel McNichol HM Carson Hayes
119 HM Josh Barton Ozzie Manito
125 Hunter Seguin/Austin Kilburn #10 Bray Haynes/Justin Bonner
130 Korante Lowrey
135 #6 Alec Ziza Caleb Fate
140 #4 Hayden Bastian Mason Hayes
145 #3 Alex Roberts/HM Ethan Wyatt #6 Austin Young/Brandon Russell
152 #7 Eric Barr #4 Jaycob Sharp
160 #5 David Kaltz
171 Noah Montanari #4 Robert Granberry
189 #6 Luke Davis HM Chayton Wiggins
215 #2 Colton McKiernan #3 Billy Koepf
285 #1 Tyler Marino #10 Andrew Vinton

In recent years, it seems these two are a lock to make the semis which should qualify this as a must-watch dual as well.  As many as 20 individual state qualifiers could wrestle in this battle between #2 and #3.  So expect fireworks early and often.

Richmond: The Blue Devils have the advantage in the lower weights and upper weights so if they can lock down those weights it gives them some room to breathe through the middle.  They have a decision to make at 125 with Seguin and Kilburn and where the dual starts may dictate whether they need to win one or both.  

Chip Hills: The Warriors will need to put together a brilliant performance to knock off the two seed.  It's possible that Russell goes in at 145 and Young/Sharp move up to 152 and 160 to try and snag both of those toss ups.  They'll also need to win one between 125 and 130.  In the upper weights, Wiggins-Davis will be critical for both teams at 189 and #3 Koepf gets a shot at #2 McKiernan.

MIG Prediction: Richmond def. Chippewa Hills, 31-16

March 18, 2018 - Brighton High School

March 18, 2018 - Brighton High School