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Women's Wrestling In Michigan Is On Fire

By Michigan Grappler, 04/16/18, 10:15AM EDT


342 Girls from 120 communities wrestled in the MYWAY State Championships In March

342 girls wrestled in the MYWAY State Championships this past342 Girls Competed IN MYWAY State Champions In March March.  The staggering number is that they represented 120 different communities, absolutely demonstrating that women's wrestling has arrived on the scene of the Michigan sporting landscape.  MYWAY expects to reach 500 + girls in next year's championships.  It isn't going away and the stage for growth is very real.

Adrian College just added a full time Women's coaching position.  The head coach is Cliff Cushard.  You can check out their program at:  Adrian College Wrestling

The NAIA has just recognized women's wrestling as part of their regular championships.  From all of the national discussion, it appears the NCAA isn't far behind.

MYWAY sponsors a fall high school season.  If you are interested in starting a club at your school, here is a form you can use and take in to your counseling office. Your school may already have a form they use for new clubs but, feel free to use this:  Michigan Girls High School Wrestling Club Petition Form