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Michigan State Recruiting Haul

By MI Grappler, 05/10/18, 10:45AM EDT


MSU's past two recruiting classes have consisted of over a dozen new Spartans joining the team.  And while this year's crop may not have the numbers, in terms of impact, they bring in a very good group.

Omania, Jimenez, and Malczewski have all been in the national rankings during their careers.  Omania is one of the top Greco prospects in the country, as evidenced by his recent UWW Junior title and OW performance.  Franco is a huge late signee that will strengthen the lower weights and give some stability should Foley grow into a 133 pounder.

Expect MSU to continue to add depth across the board with next year's class as the talent level continues to rise.  

Returners Landscape

125 Foley (SO) Griffin (RJR) Saldana (RSO) Curtin (RSO)
133 Santos (RSO) Ellis (RSO) Krauss (RSO) Black (RFR) Smith (RFR)
141 Eicher (RSR) Hrisopoulos (RSO) Enriquez (RFR) Renicker (RSO)
149 Thompson (RJR) Britton (RSO) Muscato (RFR)
157 Tucker (RSO) Atienza (RFR)
165 Hiles (RSO) Ritchie (RJR)
174 Hughes (RSO) AMalczewski (SO)
184 Caffey (RFR) Shadaia (RSR) Kruse (RSO)
197 May (RSO) Wilton (RFR) Nye (RFR) Okaiye (RSR)
285 Rebottaro (RSO) Lloyd (RSO) Beard (RFR) Ross (RFR)

Peyton Omania (DeLaSalle, CA)

Projected Weight: 149/157
HS Placings: X-5-6-1
HS Record: N/A
National Tournaments:
* 2nd 2015 Cadet Greco
* 1st 2016 UWW Cadet Greco (World Team Member)
* 5th 2016 UWW Junior Greco
* 2nd 2017 Junior Greco
* 1st 2018 UWW Junior Greco & OW

Nate Jimenez (Marmion Academy, IL)

Projected Weight: 165/174
HS Placings: X-3-2-2
HS Record: 109-23 (Soph-Sen)
National Tournaments
* 4th 2016 Cadet Freestyle

Layne Malczewski (Macomb Dakota, MI)

Projected Weight: 174/184
HS Placings: 3-3-4-1
HS Record: 216-22
National Tournaments:
* 5th 2017 Grappler Fall Classic
* 5th 2017 Super 32

Austin Franco (Niles, MI)

Projected Weight: 125
HS Placings: 2-3-2-1
HS Record: 164-5
National Tournaments
* 2nd 2013 Grappler Fall Classic
* 4th 2014 Grappler Fall Classic
* 2nd 2015 Grappler Fall Classic
* 6th 2016 Grappler Fall Classic

Wyatt Cool (Mendon, MI)

Projected Weight: 174
HS Placings: X-6-5-1
HS Record: 184-23
National Tournaments:

Stone Moscovic (Detroit CC, MI)

Projected Weight: 133
HS Placings: X-6-Q-7
HS Record: 127-52
National Tournaments

Ian Burress (Poquoson, VA)

Projected Weight: 184/197
HS Placings: X-X-6-3
HS Record: N/A
National Tournaments