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Notable Early Matchups at MWGC

By MI Grappler, 05/11/18, 4:15PM EDT


The Midwest Grand Challenge duals take place tomorrow inside Jenison Fieldhouse on the campus of Michigan State University.  21 teams highlight the high school division and the championship bracket will have some highly contested duals. 

From a team standpoint, several teams are in the running for the title.  Bad Boys, Ares WC Red, Double Leg Dominance Red, Michigan Pitbulls Gold, and Indiana Elite Navy are the top five teams on paper.  Depending on how the bracket shapes up after pool play, any one of them have a shot to bring home the title.  Our picks for the pool play champs are in bold.

Below are some notable matchups that should take place during pool play tomorrow.  Full rosters are available for Grappler Gold members.  We will have a full recap with breakdowns, video, and an All-Tournament Team on Sunday so be sure to check back!

Past Champions:
2017 - Team SuperBad
2016 - Rampage Red
2015 - Rampage Red
2014 - Rampage Red
2013 - Flat River White
2012 - Rampage Red
2011 - Michigan Freeze
2010 - Mat Sharks
2009 - MI Grizzly

Pool A

Team Bad Boys
Ares WC Black
SW Arsenal Black

Notable Matchups:
108: Andrew Kolman (Ares Black) vs Brendan Ferretti (Bad Boys)
117: Owen Norman (Ares Black) vs Vince Perez (Bad Boys)
125: Chase Schroder (Ares Black) vs Evan Sheeders (SW Arsenal)
130: Branson Proudlock (Bad Boys) vs Hamza Mulifihi (SW Arsenal)
145: Michael Carrasco (Bad Boys) vs Kyle Black (SW Arsenal)
145: Michael Carrasco (Bad Boys) vs James Fotis (Ares Black)
145: James Fotis (Ares Black) vs Kyle Black (SW Arsenal)
155: Noah Anderson (Bad Boys) vs Doak Dean (Ares Black)
167: Jacob Lee (Ares Black) vs Jacob Roberts (SW Arsenal)
167: River Shettler (Bad Boys) vs Jacob Roberts (SW Arsenal)
215: Jacob Jones (Bad Boys) vs Landon Clark (Ares Black)
285: Tyler Marino (Bad Boys) vs Alex Overla (Ares Black)

Pool B

Double Leg Dominance Red
Ares WC Silver
North Shore Edge

Notable Matchups:
117: Robbie Altland (DLD Red) vs Kanon Atwell (Ares Silver)
130: Tommy Lear (DLD Red) vs Gabe Harkey (Ares Silver)
145: Seth Phebus (DLD Red) vs Devon Anderson (Ares Silver)
155: Caleb Fish (DLD Red) vs Colton Blaha (Ares Silver)
167: Noah Teague (DLD Red) vs Jerry Hall (Ares Silver)
220: Aaron Ludwig (DLD Red) vs Isiah Pasik (Ares Silver)

Pool C

Michigan Pitbulls Gold
Indiana Elite White
Wolfpack WC Blue

Notable Matchups:
125: Brendan Zelenka (Pitbulls Gold) vs Gavin Ritter (IE White)
130: Jaron Wilson (Pitbulls Gold) vs Rieley Brado (Wolfpack Blue)
138: Micah Norwood (Pitbulls Gold) vs Mark Langewicz (Wolfpack Blue)
145: Jayden Pahssen (Pitbulls Gold) vs Owen Zablocki (Wolfpack Blue)
167: Paul Scaramuzzino (Pitbulls Gold) vs Graham Calhoun (IE White)
167: Graham Calhoun (IE White) vs Jack Jewell (Wolfpack Blue)
167: Paul Scaramuzzino (Pitbulls Gold) vs Jack Jewell (Wolfpack Blue)
187: Owen Guilford (Pitbulls Gold) vs Joe Walker (IE White)
297: Blake Querio (Pitbulls Gold) vs Joe Ahles (Wolfpack Blue)

Pool D

Fury Wrestling Factory
Michigan Pitbulls Black
Indiana Outlaws

Notable Matchups:
125: Ricky Hegedus (IN Outlaws) vs Dawson Giesken (Pitbulls Black)
155: Brenten Polk (Fury) vs Isaac Cabrera (Pitbulls Black)
220: Cade Dallwitz (Pitbulls Black) vs Kyle Cornwell (IN Outlaws)

Pool E

Indiana Elite Navy
SW Arsenal White
Team Pride

Notable Matchups:
108: Austin Bashi (IE Navy) vs Tyson Emmons (SW Arsenal)
117: AJ Black (IE Navy) vs Cameron Sanderson (SW Arsenal)
117: AJ Black (IE Navy) vs Dru Wilson (Team Pride)
117: Dru Wilson (Team Pride) vs Cameron Sanderson (SW Arsenal)
125: Drake Campbell (IE Navy) vs Armando Callejas (SW Arsenal)
125: Armando Callejas (SW Arsenal) vs Gavin Shoobridge (Team Pride)
130: Hunter Watts (IE Navy) vs Chaise Mayer (Team Pride)
130: Chaise Mayer (Team Pride) vs Jacob White (SW Arsenal)
138: Matt Gimson (IE Navy) vs Terry Vette (SW Arsenal)
167: Chandler Woenker (IE Navy) vs Franklin Ulrich (SW Arsenal)
187: Hunter Reed (IE Navy) vs Mason Evans (SW Arsenal)
220: CJ Shier (Team Pride) vs Chase Gibson (SW Arsenal)
297: Joel Radvansky (Team Pride) vs Owen Miller (SW Arsenal) 

Pool F

Ares WC Red
Wolfpack WC
Indiana Elite Orange

Notable Matchups:
117: Nick Korhorn (Ares Red) vs Ashton Anderson (Wolfpack)
125: Dash Herrema (Ares Red) vs Mark Brado (Wolfpack)
130: Dawson Jankowski (Ares Red) vs Cole Wiegers (Wolfpack)
138: Jeff Leach (Ares Red) vs Mac Hanselman (Wolfpack)
145: Avry Mutschler (Ares Red) vs Ethan Polick (Wolfpack)
167: Lulus Pienton (Ares Red) vs Devin Trevino (Wolfpack)
220: Keigan Yuhas (Ares Red) vs Luke Davis (Wolfpack)
220: Keigan Yuhas (Ares Red) vs Garrett Sandefur (IE Orange)
220: Garrett Sandefur (IE Orange) vs Luke Davis (Wolfpack)
297: Griffin Barnette (Ares Red) vs Jake Swirple (Wolfpack)

Pool G

All American WC
Double Leg Dominance Blue 
Ares WC White

Notable Matchups:
117: Cristian Perez (Ares White) vs Nolan Datema (DLD Blue)
130: Nick Dodman (Ares White) vs Jake Elasivich (DLD Blue)
145: Will Heffron (Ares White) vs Thomas Potter (DLD Blue)
167: Derek Mohr (Ares White) vs Zach Potter (DLD Blue)
167: Derek Mohr (Ares White) vs Zsigmond Squiers (All American)
167: Zsigmond Squiers (All American) vs Zach Potter (DLD Blue)
187: Austin Engle (Ares White) vs James Sharpe (DLD Blue)