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Best Dual Team Rd 1: '04 Davison vs '16 Lowell

By MI Grappler, 08/07/18, 9:15AM EDT


Weight '04 Davison '16 Lowell
103 Joe Kimosh Jeff Leach, SQ/Hunter Browning
112 Ben Warner
119 Paul Donahoe, 1st Sam Russell, SQ
125 Zak Burns, 5th Lucas Hall, 2nd
130 Jason Whitman, 4th Avry Mutschler, 4th
135 Jon Reader, 1st Channing Perry
140 Cory Rogers, 2nd/Keenan Duffie, SQ Zeth Dean, 3rd
145 Brent Metcalf, 1st Bryce Dempsey, 6th
152 Nate Bundy, SQ George Gonzales
160 Quinn Boyce, SQ David Kruse, 4th/Keigan Yuhas, SQ
171 Kyle Chittick, 4th Danny Kruse, 2nd
189 Trevor Perry, 3rd Max Dean, 1st
215 Travis Perry, 4th Eli Boulton, 2nd
285 Derek Skinner Max Bishop


For the third day in a row Davison has a team entered which says something about just how dominant that run was for them.  This team is almost identical to the team yesterday.  04 was Donahoe's senior year; he won Senior Nationals that year.  From 119-215 they had 12 state qualifiers and nine all-staters.

Team State Road
Davison def. Hudsonville, 55-12
Davison def. Temperance Bedford, 45-22
Davison def. Hartland, 47-18


Like Davison's 04 team, Lowell three-peated in 2016.  They had all sorts of firepower with Hall, two Deans, two Kruses, Boulton, and Dempsey leading the way.  The Arrows did have a ton of flexibility with their lineup and the luxury of being able to plug several different guys and still be able to compete.  i.e. 189 lb Max Dean wrestled at HWT during team state.  

Team State Road
Lowell def. Sturgis, 52-18
Lowell def. Goodrich, 35-27
Lowell def. St. Johns, 37-22

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*Winners in BOLD