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Best Dual Team Rd 1: '95 Flint Northern vs '92 Temperance Bedford

By MI Grappler, 08/10/18, 10:00AM EDT


Weight '95 Flint Northern '92 Bedford
103 Darnell Ruffin, 3rd Mark Williamson, 4th
112 Antonio Harrison, 1st Chuck Eid
119 Ahmad Sanders, 1st Fred Schumacher, 3rd
125 Stephen Lymon, 3rd Jeff Dec
130 Claudell Ruffin, 2nd Louie Tibai, 1st
135 John Garrett Todd Hicks, 1st
140 Gyhandi Hill, 1st Casey Gerber
145 Shaka Harris Ryan McBroom, 1st
152 Ricky Holmes Jess Hurley, 3rd
160 Mike Weissend, 7th 172 Jamie Brescol
171 Willie McNabb Dan Sunday
189 Courtney String Jay Woodberry
275 Eugene Calloway, 3rd Matt Gregory

Flint Northern

The legendary Flint Northern team is one that gets talked about all the time.  The basis of the conversation is how incredible they were and how dominant they were.  Interestingly enough, their dual record in '95 was 13-16.  However, when the dust settled at the end of the year they rolled to a title over Bedford, Holt, and Clarkston.  Northern had three champs and seven place in the top-three.  Both Ruffins, Ahmad Sanders, and Gyhandi Hill would go on to wrestle D1.  The weights were different that year, so we tried to adjust as best as possible.  

Team State Road
Flint Northern def. Temperance Bedford, 36-23
Flint Northern def. Holt, 35-24
Flint Northern def. Clarkston, 37-24


Bedford was equally dominant in 1992.  Led by three individual champs in Tibai, Hicks, and McBroom, the Mules won all of their team state duals by 30+ points.  The team also had success nationally with Tibai placing three times at Junior Nationals, as well as Hicks and Hurley becoming Senior National All-Americans.  They also had experience with '92 being their third state finals appearance in a four year stretch.  

Team State Road
Temperance Bedford def. Lansing Sexton, 61-0
Temperance Bedford def. Brighton, 48-18
Temperance Bedford def. Grandville, 45-12

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*Winners in BOLD