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CC Invitational Preview

By MI Grappler, 01/04/19, 1:30PM EST


*DCC Invite Seeds will be posted later tonight*

Every weekend will breakdown the top tournaments to watch around the state.

Our featured tournament preview is the Detroit Catholic Central Invitational, held annually the first weekend in January.  Read below for a weight by weight breakdown of the tournament, and click below for a preview of the other major tournaments.

New Lothrop Hall of Fame Invite
Monroe County Sheriff's Invitational 
Dave Elliott Memorial @ Clinton
Adam Provencal Tournament @ Grand Haven


D1 #6 Quaylon Newton (Brighton)
D1 #7 Anthony Walker (Detroit CC)
D1 #9 Kyle White (Davison)
D2 #1 Jacob Brya (St. Johns)
D4 #1 Bronson Marry (Hudson)
Josh Mars (Westland John Glenn)
Cael Weinzweig (DeWitt)
Rylan Watson (Romeo)
Breakdown: A solid weight of almost entirely freshmen so anything can happen.  That said, there is a pair of number ones in Brya and Marry from D2 and D4.  Look for Brya to emerge at the top and continue his stellar start to his high school career.
MIG Picks: 1) Brya 2) Marry 3) Walker 4) Newton


D1 #1@119 Brendan Ferretti (Macomb Dakota)
D1 #7 Caleb Youngblood (Romeo)
D1 #8 Darren McLeod (Oxford)
D1 #10@103 Aiden Smith (Brighton
D2 #6 Josh Howey (WW Tower)
Owen Payne (Davison)
Kyle Ferrier (Marysville)
Ty Cowan (Westland John Glenn)
Breakdown: Ferretti makes the descent to 112 for the first time and should be the heavy favorite heading in.  There's a cast of newcomers behind him with ranked freshmen 112s Youngblood, McLeod, and Howey who will contend.
MIG Picks: 1) Ferretti 2) Youngblood 3) McLeod 4) Howey


D1 #1 Brock Prater (Macomb Dakota)
D1 #3 Sam Freeman (Brighton)
D1 #4 Jack Thompson (Oxford)
D1 #7 Steven Garty (Davison)
D2 #2 Joe Haynes (WW Tower)
D2 #6 Cameron Macklem (Goodrich)
Dash Herrema (Grandville)
Gage Houghtaling (Lapeer)
Lance Garrisi (Romeo)
Nick Ebright (DeWitt)
Breakdown: With Ferretti down, that moves defending state champ and CCI champ Prater to 19.  He'll be tested by all-staters Freeman, Garty, and Haynes, as well as freshman Macklem and Thompson of Oxford, who is off to a fantastic start.  Herrema is a returning SQ currently unbeaten on the season and on the verge of breaking into the rankings.
MIG Picks: 1) Prater 2) Freeman 3) Haynes 4) Garty


D1 #1 Andrew Chambal (Davison)
D1 #2 Nick Alayan (Macomb Dakota)
D1 #4 Caleb Meekins (Westland John Glenn)
D1 #8@119 Matt Curtis (Oxford
D2 #2 Caleb Teague (Goodrich)
D2 #2@130 Chaise Mayer (WW Tower)
Matt Foddrill (DeWitt)
Jesse Veldhouse (Grandville)
Phillip Burney (Detroit CC)
Matthew Cali (Romeo)
Breakdown: Just a ridiculous weight.  Mayer makes his 125 debut alongside a state finalist pair in Chambal and Alayan.  Returning state runner-up Teague and all-stater Meekins add depth.  It's all about matchups; Meekins beat Chambal twice last year, Chambal beat Alayan in the finals, Alayan beat Meekins this year, Mayer beat Teague in the CCI semis last year, Teague beat Meekins in the CCI quarters.  A nightmare to seed, but should make for an exciting bracket.
MIG Picks: 1) Mayer 2) Teague 3) Alayan 4) Chambal


D1 #2 Dominick Lomazzo (Detroit CC)
D1 #3 Eddie Homrock (Brighton)
D1 #5 Justin Tiburcio (Macomb Dakota)
D1 #6 Dominic Todaro (Romeo)
D1 #10 Trenton Wachter (Rockford)
D2 #1 Kaleob Whitford (St. Johns)
D4 #7 CJ Berro (Hudson)
Liam Hillary (Oxford)
Carsen Richards (Goodrich)
Breakdown: Five of the top-ten ranked wrestlers in D1 plus an unbeaten Whitford who won the GGI last month.  Lomazzo and Homrock have some history; Homrock won the first meeting at this tournament last year before Lomazzo took the rematch for 3rd at the state tourney.  Tiburcio, Todaro, and Hillary are state placers who could challenge, as could Rockford's Wachter who has yet to lose on the year.
MIG Picks: 1) Whitford 2) Homrock 3) Lomazzo 4) Tiburcio


D1 #4 Kyle Borthwell (Westland John Glenn) 
D1 #5 Zach Johnson (Brighton)
D1 #7@130 Ray Cole (Davison)
D1 #10 Camden Trupp (Detroit CC)
D4 #1 Jordan Hamdan (Hudson)
Andrew Barrett (Macomb Dakota)
Carson Turnbow (Goodrich)
Ronnie Slater (DeWitt)
Evan Kaser (Rockford)
Breakdown: Hamdan is the favorite here without a doubt.  Four ranked guys in D1 as well, plus SQ's Barrett, Turnbow, and Slater.  Borthwell and Johnson should be the battle for 2nd; Borthwell won the only meeting last season 6-0.  
MIG Picks: 1) Hamdan 2) Borthwell 3) Johnson 4) Trupp


D1 #1 Josh Edmond (Detroit CC)
D1 #2 Connor White (Rockford)
D1 #6@135 James Johnston (Davison)
D2 #9 Dominic Edwards (Goodrich)
D4 #7 Dylan Smith (Hudson)
Aiden Brown (Brighton)
Brandon Alkazir (Macomb Dakota)
Shawn Brown (Westland John Glenn)
Luke York (DeWitt)
Breakdown: Another weight with a pretty clear-cut favorite in Edmond.  White is the only other state placer in the bracket, though Johnston, Edwards, Brown, and Alkazir have all been to the state tournament.  Tough to say how it'll shake out but should be some battles from those looking to make a statement.
MIG Picks: 1) Edmond 2) Johnston 3) White 4) Edwards


D1 #1 Derek Gilcher (Detroit CC) 
D1 #3 Logan Sanom (Detroit CC)
D1 #4 Jack Richardson (Rockford)
D1 #5 Brenten Polk (Westland John Glenn)
D2 #3 Tyler Brandt (DeWitt)
Landon Kish (Davison)
Breakdown: Deep weight especially when it comes to D1 guys as four of the top five are here.  Between the four of them, they have two losses on the year.  Have to give the nod to Gilcher, but with five top-five guys it won't be a walk in the park.  Richardson and Polk are both returning state placers at this weight class, which does carry some weight.  
MIG Picks: 1) Gilcher 2) Richardson 3) Sanom 4) Polk


D1 #2@160 Kevon Davenport (Detroit CC)
D1 #4 Brian Case (Davison)
D1 #5 Victor Grabowski (Brighton)
D1 #9 Joe Urso (Detroit CC) 
D2 #5 Quenten Hall (DeWitt)
D2 #7 Nick Gates (Marysville)
D4 #7 Jorge Sereno (Hudson)
Breakdown: Seven ranked here.  Davenport the heavy favorite in his first appearance down at 52.  Hall beat Urso in the Goodrich finals in OT and also beat Grabowski at the GGI.  Case is always a gamer and should be a finalist favorite.  Watch for Gates and Sereno as well, both with state tournament experience; Sereno was 7th in '18.
MIG Picks: 1) Davenport 2) Case 3) Hall 4) Grabowski


D1 #1 Alex Facundo (Davison)
D1 #1@152 Cam Amine (Detroit CC)
D1 #5 Dane Donabedian (Brighton)
D1 #7 Trent Myre (Oxford)
D2 #7 Omari Embree (WW Tower)
D4 #6 John Betz (Hudson)
Josh Kenny (Grandville)
Eli Andary (Macomb Dakota)
Graden Bowen (Westland John Glenn)
Manny Rojas (Detroit CC)
Breakdown: Worth the price of admission.  A likely state finals rematch between Facundo and Amine, who are ranked #1 and #2 in the country.  It's almost not possible get a bigger in-season matchup in Michigan.  It's so big that it almost negates the other five state qualifiers in the weight class, which shouldn't be overlooked.  Until Facundo loses a high school match, if ever, he's the pick.  But expect Amine to come out firing looking for redemption, and hats off for bumping up for the challenge.
MIG Picks: 1) Facundo 2) Amine 3) Donabedian 4) Embree


D1 #1 River Shettler (Brighton)
D1 #2 Jay Nivison (Davison)
D1 #3 Dustin Solomon (Macomb Dakota)
D1 #6 Caleb Tabert (Oxford)
D2 #3 James Penfold (Goodrich)
D2 #7 Braxton Parks (St. Johns)
Cole Gleason (Rockford)
Jacob Brandt (DeWitt)
Breakdown: 1-2-3 in D1 are here which obviously will have ranking implications after tomorrow.  Shettler has already beaten both Nivison and Solomon; both in close matches.  Nivison-Solomon would be a rematch of last year's 3rd place match at the state tourney, won by Nivison.  Penfold is off to a great start to his senior season as well, pushing Ringler to the brink in the Goodrich final.
MIG Picks: 1) Shettler 2) Nivison 3) Solomon 4) Penfold


D1 #1 Cal Stefanko (Davison)
D1 #2 Easton Turner (Detroit CC)
D1 #3 Greyson Stevens (Brighton)
D1 #8@171 Tyler Waterstrat (Rockford)
D2 #3 Juwan Vines (Goodrich)
D2 #6 CJ Krum (St. Johns)
D2 #7 Chandler Murton (DeWitt)
D4 #5 Kyle Moll (Hudson)
Breakdown: Another weight with the top-three in D1 going at it.  Stefanko has wins over both; Turner in OT and Stevens 3-2.  Vines, Krum, and Murton will be tough tests as well.  It's a deep weight class that could turn out a number of ways but in the end expect a rematch between Stefanko and Turner.
MIG Picks: 1) Stefanko 2) Turner 3) Stevens 4) Vines


D1 #2 Brendin Yatooma (Detroit CC)
D1 #4 Austin Schlicht (Oxford)
D2 #2 Honour Kline (Goodrich)
CJ Shier (WW Tower)
Doug Trutzl (DeWitt)
Breakdown: A pair of #2's with Yatooma and Kline.  Kline bumped to heavy last weekend to win the Goodrich TOC, where Schlicht won the 215 bracket.  A good semi matchup looms between Yatooma and Schlicht also.  
MIG Picks: 1) Kline 2) Yatooma 3) Schlicht 4) Trutzl


D1 #1 Steven Kolcheff (Detroit CC)
D2 #4 Joel Radvansky (WW Tower)
D4 #2 Isiah Krizek (Hudson)
Colby Ford (Brighton)
Zachary Hasse (DeWitt)
Breakdown: The top-three here are all state title contenders, as Kolcheff and Radvansky have already wrestled for titles in their careers.  Krizek knocked off Kolcheff last year at this tournament.  Radvansky won the GGI at 285 and is here again, but it's unknown whether he'll drop to 215.  Either way, he's a difficult matchup for a big guy.  
MIG Picks: 1) Kolcheff 2) Radvansky 3) Krizek 4) Ford