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Week 5 Weekend Preview

By MI Grappler, 01/04/19, 1:30PM EST


New Lothrop Hall of Fame Invite

If not for the CCI, New Lothrop would be the tournament to watch this weekend with roughly 60 ranked wrestlers slated to be in attendance.  You've also got top-two ranked teams in Richmond and the host Hornets.  It doesn't take long to scroll and find out that these finals matchups will be tremendous.  152 will be a great test between the top three wrestlers in D3.  125 has the potential for a great finals match in Castillo vs Breece as well.  

D3 #2 Nolan Rodriguez (Alma)
D3 #7 Hunter Keller (Richmond)
Colton Julliett (Chesaning)
Trenton Idalski (Clio)
Finals Pick: Rodriguez over Idalski

D2 #9 Jason Judd (Kearsley)
D3 #3 JD Gross (Richmond)
D3 #9 Dominic Angiuano (Alma)
D4 #2 Ben Modert (Bronson)
D4 #6 Andrew Krupp (New Lothrop)
D4 #7 Clark Wehner (Bad Axe)
Jacob Orweller (Perry)
Aidan Fry (Onaway)
Kye Andrews (Shepherd)
Finals Pick: Modert over Gross

D2 #9 Joe Lagrou (Marquette)
D3 #2 Hunter Norris (Millington)
D3 #2 @ 112 Daniel McNichol (Richmond)
D3 #5 Jordan Rodriguez (Chesaning)
Solomon Rosales (Alma)
Gabe Serbus (Corunna)
Alex Wolford (New Lothrop)
Finals Pick: Norris over Rodriguez

D2 #7 La’Ron Ruffin (Kearsley)
D3 #2 Dametrius Castillo (Alma)
D3 #4 Macintyre Breece (Birch Run)
D3 #6 Jake Elasivich (Montrose)
D3 #7 Austin Kilburn (Richmond)
D3 #4 @ 119 Jack Sherman (Millington)
D4 #9 Jackson Knieper (New Lothrop)
Joey Galvez (Onaway)
Lance Clark (Shepherd)
Finals Pick: Castillo over Breece

D3 #8 Travis McDonald (Meridian)
D4 #5 Logan Wolford (New Lothrop)
Christian Miller (Birch Run)
Jack Culvey (Brandon)
Brendan Withington (Bronson)
Sean Kittle (Montrose)
Griffin Moore (Marquette)
Waylon Hanel (Millington)
Teddy Peters (Onaway)
Caleb Cline (Shepherd)
Finals Pick: McDonald over Wolford

D3 #6 Jarrett Ferman (Alma)
D3 #8 Nick Dodman (Meridian)
D3 #9 Hunter Seguin (Richmond)
D4 #2 Matthew Grant (Onaway) 
D4 #6 Logan Zell (New Lothrop)
Finals Pick: Grant over Ferman

D3 #7 Ty Tanner (Birch Run)
D3 #8 Ty Anderson (Corunna)
D3 #9 Bobby Skinner (Montrose)
D4 #4 Ryan Wehner (Bad Axe)
Brendan McClusky (Brandon)
Ty Inches (Caro)
Julian Maldonado (Midland Dow)
Steven Jackson (Mayville) 
Micah Poletti (New Lothrop)
Gage Stoddard (Sand Creek)
Hunter Dysinger (Shepherd)
Finals Pick: Wehner over Anderson 

D2 #4 Trenton DiGenova (Kearsley) 
D3 #5 Tanner Orweller (Perry)
D3 #6 John Botkins (Caro)
D4 #1 Austin Wolford (New Lothrop)
D4 #9 Coty Ionetz (Onaway)
Brandon Shearer (Beaverton)
Nolan Bovee (Birch Run) 
Creo Smith (Bronson)
Max Kyser (Shepherd)
Finals Pick: Wolford over DiGenova

D3 #1 Trevor Robinson (Shepherd) 
D3 #2 Hayden Bastian (Richmond)
D3 #3 Trevor Briggs (Montrose)
D3 #8 Kyle Parlberg (Birch Run) 
D3 #9 Justin VanBlaricum (Alma) 
D4 #6 Ryan Lakatos (Sand Creek)
Isaac Tappenden (Bronson)
Garrett Stoick (Caro)
Jacob Smith (Clio)
Aidan Wardell (Midland Dow)
Matt Person (Meridian)
Seth Enos (Onaway)
Finals Pick: Robinson over Bastian

D1 #6 Brennan Doyle (Midland Dow)
D3 #1 DJ Daniels (Caro) 
D3 #6 Trenton Naragon (Birch Run)
D3 #7 @ 152 Ethan Wyatt (Richmond)
D4 #8 Zack Riley (New Lothrop)
D4 #9 Ruger Ranney (Bronson)
Jacob Cassiday (Beaverton)
Tyler Byczynski (Kearsley)
Trent Birmingham (Mayville)
John Hitsman (Millington)
Mitchell Moore (Sand Creek)
Finals Pick: Daniels over Doyle

D1 #9 Sam Martin (Midland Dow)
D2 #10 Tristan Vance (Clio)
D4 #1 Justin Carnahan (New Lothrop)
D4 #2 Jack Owens (Beaverton) 
D4 #4 Carson Scroggie (Sand Creek)
Mikey Nicaj (Brandon)
Quaid Wilkins (Chesaning)
Wesley Peters (Richmond)
Logan Buckner (Shepherd)
Finals Pick: Carnahan over Martin

D3 #9 Noah Montanari (Richmond)
D4 #2 Kyle Cassiday (Beaverton)
D4 #7 Cam Orr (New Lothrop) 
Justin Blankenship (Bronson)
Ryan McNeill (Montrose)
John Brown (Kearsley)
Brendan Pickles (Sand Creek)
Finals Pick: Cassiday over Orr

D2 #4 Alex Yocom (Clio)
D3 #1 Brockton Cook (Birch Run) 
D3 #4 Luke Davis (Richmond) 
D3 #7 Jack Shreve (Millington)
D4 #8 Isiah Pasik (New Lothrop)
Norm Davis (Alma)
Finals Pick: Yocom over Cook

D2 #8 Blake Amy (Clio) 
D3 #3 Griffin Barnette (Montrose) 
D3 #10 Terrance Watson (Birch Run)
D4 #7 Logan LaBean (Mayville)
Alex Tyer (Bronson)
Hunter Dickson (Caro)
Kevin Smith (Shepherd)
Finals Pick: Barnette over Watson

Monroe County Sheriff's Invitational

Another early January tradition is the Sheriff's Invite, which welcomes teams from Monroe county.  There's a chance we could see Swiderski bump up to challenge returning state champ Assenmacher at 112 as the freshman has not been shy about chasing competition.  Outside of that, the finals matchups should be solid across the board with nearly every weight potentially having two ranked guys.   If you're looking for a breakout guy to watch, it's Bedford's Denker at 135.

D3 #1 Casey Swiderski (Dundee)
Ethan Brabant (Jefferson)
Trace Stevens (Erie Mason

D3 #1 Hunter Assenmacher (Ida)
D3 #5 Austin Fietz (Dundee)

D2 #10 Evan Blessing (Airport) 
Jeremiah Boldt (Ida)
Chase Grzegorczyk (Bedford)
James Stines (Milan)

Blake Piette (Airport)
Cade Sutterfield (Bedford)

D2 #9 Joshua Brott (Carlson)
D3 #1 Tyler Swiderski (Dundee)

D2 #5 Arthur Calloway (Airport)
D3 #2 Jonathon White (Dundee)
Rollie Denker (Bedford)
Dylan Carr (Huron)

D2 #8 Jon Fritz (Airport)
D3 #1 Christian Killion (Dundee)
Griffin Cholette (Huron)
Randy Boisselle (Bedford)

D3 #3 Caleb Garro (Jefferson)
D3 #4 Grant Ott (Dundee) 
Mason Rimmer (Bedford)
Kaleb Rosen (Huron)

D3 #1 Stoney Buell (Dundee)
D3 #10 Joe Barton (Ida)
Justin Chambless (Airport)
Charles Phipps (Carlson)
Joe Kidd (Flat Rock)

D2 #4 Nelson Poet (Huron)
D3 #9 Kalim Low (Ida)
Luke Lavanaway (Erie Mason)

D1 #4 Colin Jagielski (Bedford)
D2 #9 @ 160 Adam Brenner (Huron)
Jared Woelmer (Ida)

D2 #8 Garrett Bunea (Airport)

Cray Pennington (Milan)

D1 #2 Blake Wingate (Bedford)

Dave Elliott Memorial @ Clinton

Clinton brings in a pretty tough field that is D4-heavy but with a few bigger schools sprinkled in.  19 and 25 will likely have the best finals matchups as Clinton and Tecumseh could go head-to-head at both weights.  160 is also a good weight with three all-staters in it - Randolph, Emery, and Roberts.  Keep an eye on the freshman Badge at 189, he's the favorite there.

D1 #5 Marcello Luna (Woodhaven)
D4 #3 Jake Bunn (Manchester)
Finals Pick: Luna over Bunn

D2 #4 Josh Hilton (Tecumseh)
Jared Bunn (Manchester)
Marshall Hoard (Coldwater)
Chase Horvath (Grass Lake)
Finals Pick: Hilton over Hoard

D2 #1 Vince Perez (Tecumseh)
D4 #3 AJ Baxter (Clinton)
D4 #7 Drew Gebhardt (Manchester)
DaQuan Baker
Finals Pick: Perez over Baxter

D2 #4 Kellen Patton (Tecumseh) 
D4 #1 Noah Comar (Clinton)
D4 #7 Christian Minard (Clinton)
Zeke Nowicki (Coldwater)
Devin Marshall (Dansville)
Gabe Weber (Leslie)
Finals Pick: Comar over Patton

D4 #2 Jacob Shelby (Manchester)
Logan Zebarah (Leslie)
George Ames (Clinton)
Kalif Kavanagh (Haslett)
Finals Pick: Shelby over Zebarah

D1 #3 Mason Grasso (Woodhaven)
D4 #10 Grant Tungate (Manchester)
Landis Gilman (Clinton)
Brock Hurst (Athens)
Greg Denkins (Onsted)
Max Hirvela (Salem)
Lucas Petty (Tecumseh)
Finals Pick: Grasso over Hirvela

#5 Spencer Konz (Clinton)
#9 Kent McCombs (Clinton)
Victor Coscarelli (Tecumseh)
Bailey Wesley (Onsted)
Jonah Case (Athens)
Carter Hoard (Coldwater)
Grant Weber (Leslie)
Christian Neff (Lincoln Park)
Finals Pick: Konz over McCombs

D1 #7 Mikale Mitchell (Woodhaven)
D4 #2 Rayden Roggow (Athens)
D4 #3 Riley Jeffrey (Clinton)
D4 #7 Jacob Kurgin (Manchester)
Andrew Winkler (Tecumseh)
Finals Pick: Mitchell over Roggow

D4 #5 Jeffrey Konz (Clinton) 
Max Wagner (Manchester)
Cole Wixom (Onsted)
Finals Pick: Konz over Wixom

D1 #9 Kyle Emery (Woodhaven)
D4 #1 Brayden Randolph (Clinton)
D4 #4 Jacob Roberts (Athens)
Jonah Rankin (Onsted)
Garrett Phillips (Clinton)
Nick Phillips (Manchester)
Finals Pick: Randolph over Emery

#5 Hunter Bowersox (Athens)
#7 Colin McCaffrey (Manchester)
#9 Cecil Rafferty (Clinton) 
Josh Watters (Woodhaven)
Trent Hocter (Grass Lake)
JaQuan Baker (Salem)
Clayton Boatright (Tecumseh)
Finals Pick: Baker over Watters

D1 #7 Andrew Atallah (Plymouth)
D4 #6 Logan Badge (Clinton)
Derek Guenther (Manchester)
Finals Pick: Badge over Atallah

Travis Withrow (Manchester)
Brian Goetz (Blissfield)
Benjamin Smieska (Leslie)
Finals Pick: Goetz over Smieska

Gabe Gibbs (Clinton)
Will Felts (Clinton)
Nicholas West (Lincoln Park)
Simon Lato (Manchester)
Finals Pick: West over Lato

Adam Provencal Tournament @ Grand Haven

GH brings in a really tough field once again to the Adam.  Even though Sparta and Hart are the only ranked teams, the others all have a handful of guys who are competitive and looking to break out.  A pair of #1's could wrestle at 119 with Sunnerville and Altland headlining that weight; Altland has been at 25 a bunch so he could be there as well.  140 and 145 are the other weights to watch; a lot of good kids within those two classes.

D1 #2 Riley Rhone (Grand Haven)
D2 #2 Nolan Wertanen (St. Joseph)
D3 #4 Bailey Borgeld (Comstock Park)
Rayana Sahagun (Sparta)
Noah Bosley (Hart)
Ashton Corson (Middleville)
Finals Pick: Wertanen over Rhone

D2 #7 Jacob Halsey (St. Joseph)
Spencer Vanderzwaag (Hart) 
Jacob Coffey (BC Western)
Finals Pick: Halsey over Coffey

D3 #1 Josh Sunnerville (Otsego)
D3 #7 Will Kidder (Shelby)
D4 #1 Robbie Altland (Hart)
Payne Boulter (Jackson NW)
Hayden Cook (Sparta)
Finals Pick: Altland over Sunnerville

D1 #8 Cody Miller (Grand Haven)
D2 #5 Reece Darrow (Jackson NW)
Chance Alvesteffer (Hart)
Dylan Whidden (Comstock Park) 
Noah Tinkham (Edwardsburg)
Finals Pick: Darrow over Miller

D1 #8 Damien Ballan (TC West)
D2 #8 Isaac Meyer (St. Joseph)
D3 #4 Zion Taylor (Comstock Park)
D4 #2 Noah Cantu (Hart)
Finals Pick: Cantu over Ballan

D2 #4 Jackson Hoover (Edwardsburg)
D4 #8 Jordan Mallory (Hart)
Dominic Dault (Fruitport)
Finals Pick: Hoover over Dault

D1 #3 Hunter Derry (TC West) 
D2 #4 Logan Slominski (Sparta)
D2 #10 Jacob Reece (Edwardsburg)
D3 #4 Austin Sanders (Comstock Park)
D4 #10 Jayden Vanderzwaag (Hart)
Finals Pick: Slominski over Derry

D1 #8 William Prowse (Portage Northern)
D2 #5 Justin Postal (Sparta)
D2 #9 Jake Race (Jackson NW)
D3 #2 Nick Felt (Shelby)
Andrew Whitney (Hart)
Derek Hess (Edwardsburg)
Finals Pick: Felt over Postal

D1 #2 Vic Schoenherr (BC Western)
Dominick Louagie (Jackson NW)
Hayden Foote (Forest Hills Eastern)
Trevor Rademaker (Grand Haven)
Luke Aune (Sparta)
Finals Pick: Schoenherr over Aune

#1 Alec Rees (Sparta)
Caden Reece (Edwardsburg)
Austin Tapley (Jackson NW)
Chris Beyer (Shelby)
Finals Pick: Rees over Tapley

D4 #8 Alex Holladay (Hart)
D2 #5 Crue Cooper (Fruitport)
Alex Cox (Portage Northern)
Drake Collins (St. Joseph)
Christian Wright (Middleville)
Finals Pick: Cooper over Wright

D2 #10 Brent Huff (St. Joseph)
Roshawn Williams (Comstock Park)
Finals Pick: Huff over Williams

D1 #9 Zac Masiewicz (TC West)
Matt Andreen (Forest Hills Eastern)
Jake DeJong (Middleville)
Finals Pick: Masiewicz over Andreen

D1 #10 Ben Harris (BC Western)
D2 #5 Jonathan O’Neal (Sparta)
Trenton Dutcher (Middleville)
Zachary Parker (Shelby)
Finals Pick: O'Neal over Harris