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Takeaways From Amine-Facundo II

By MI Grappler, 01/06/19, 6:30PM EST


1. Amine and Facundo Will Go Down As 2 of Michigan's Best Ever

Which is why this matchup was so awesome to begin with.  When their careers are all said and done, it's highly likely that they will rank among the best to ever lace them up from the Wolverine State.  Again, we're talking about two guys ranked within the top two of their respective weight classes in the United States.  But more than that is the willingness of both to continually put it on the line against the best, including each other.  The fact that Facundo was able to derail Amine's quest for four state titles and Amine prevented Facundo from an undefeated career just speaks to how good both are.  And to top it all off, they are first-class individuals mature beyond their years, as well as fantastic role models for young wrestlers to look up to.  

2. The Atmosphere Was Awesome

DCC was smart in switching the order for the finals to culminate with this match.  Not a single person left for the other finals bouts and everyone was locked in when 160 came around.  Looking around the arena, you saw other high school coaches from the area who stopped by after their own tournaments just to get a chance to watch.  You also saw kids from high schools not named Davison or Detroit Catholic Central who were dialed in and pumped up without a horse in the race.  The lights were turned down for this match only.  Fans rushed matside to get a closer look and made for an awesome setup for 99% of the experience.

3. Officiating is Tough

Certainly no one is envious of the position the official is in at the end of the match.  Damned if you do, damned if you don't.  There's some ambiguity to the rule in the Ultimate Tiebreaker, where stalling is called differently than the rest of the match.  We're told there's an officials meeting tonight and the situation is actually on the agenda.  Either way, it's  an extremely tough situation to call.  It should be noted, however, that the official in question is one of the top officials in the state, without a doubt.  He refs all of the biggest tournaments in Michigan and many of the biggest dual meets, and with good reason.  So any attacks to his competency or the situation being too big are simply wrong and unfounded.  Credit to him also for waiving the takedown he awarded at the end, which video appears to show was the right call to do so.  The MHSAA is always looking for more officials as well, so anyone looking to join the officials ranks is welcomed.

4. It Was Great For Wrestling

Super-matches are hard to come by, especially in high school wrestling.  Too often the best guys will dodge each other and so for this match to actually materialize and not only live up to the hype, but exceed it, was outstanding.  As you're reading this, people all across the state are talking about the match.  That is GREAT for wrestling.  From an analytics standpoint, looking at MIG metrics, in 18 hours it became the #1 most-watched video we have ever posted, and the reach on social media was 25,000 people.  18 hours.  It was great for the sport, great for high school wrestling, and fun for everyone in attendance.

5. DCC-Davison Is Still The Best Rivalry In Michigan

If there was any doubt, it's confirmed further that DCC and Davison are the most fierce rivals in the state still.  This just added another chapter to the history book.  There was no love lost on either side, and though it went over the top on both sides, at the end of the day both Coach Hall and Coach Hancock know what everyone witnessed.  There's a chance that these two storied programs could meet again at Team State, and if they do it'll more than likely be Amine-Facundo III or Davenport-Facundo II.  Fingers crossed.