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On Paper: D1 #1 DCC vs D2 #1 Lowell

By MI Grappler, 01/18/19, 8:45AM EST


D1 #1 DCC Weight D2 #1 Lowell
#4 Anthony Walker 103 #2 Ramsy Mutschler
Caleb White 112 #4 Nick Korhorn
Valentino Scicluna 119 Cole Huisman
Phillip Burney 125 #4 Zeth Strejc
#3 Dominick Lomazzo 130 #4 Dawson Jankowski
#1 Josh Edmond/#7 Camden Trupp 135 #8 Jeff Leach
Marc Shaeffer 140 #1 Avry Mutschler/#5 James Fotos
#1 Derek Gilcher/#3 Logan Sanom 145
#1 Cam Amine/#2 Kevon Davenport 152 #1 Austin Boone/#7 Doak Dean
#9 Manny Rojas 160 #9 Jacob Lee
171 Derek Mohr
#2 Easton Turner 189 Jacob Hough
#3 Brendin Yatooma 215 Keigan Nugent
#1 Steven Kolcheff 285 #6 Tyler Delooff

The Red Arrows are creating a unique environment this afternoon by wrestling on the stage of their auditorium in an assembly dual.  It should be a fun experience for the kids competing and an opportunity to showcase wrestling to the student body in an exciting way.  

As for the dual itself, we've got the 5x defending D2 state champs versus the 2x defending D1 state champs.  Pretty massive matchup.  There are some interesting storylines and individual matches to go along with the team side as well.  Here's a look at some that may go down:

103: D1 #4 Anthony Walker (DCC) vs D2 #2 Ramsy Mutschler (Lowell)
It's possible both of these freshmen are wrestling for state titles in March.  They both placed top-5 at the GFC but did not wrestle each other, and both made deep runs at Brecksville but a match did not happen there either.  Consider it a toss-up.

140: D1 #1 Josh Edmond (DCC) vs D2 #1 Avry Mutschler (Lowell)
This one probably won't go down, as Edmond will likely be at 135, but last year's match was a great one.  Mutschler led until Edmond pancaked him for the fall.  Still two elite talents in the state, and depending on where the dual starts, it's possible.

140: Marc Shaeffer (DCC) vs D2 #5 James Fotis (Lowell)
Again, depending on the matchups it might not happen, but both of these all-staters made their season debuts within the past week.  It'll be interesting to see where they're at.  

145: D1 #1 Derek Gilcher (DCC) vs D2 #1 Avry Mutschler/D2 #5 James Fotis(Lowell)
This would be a rematch of the Brecksville final won by Gilcher, 1-0.  Not sure if it makes sense for Lowell to bump Mutschler to Gilcher; probably will see Mutschler-Shaeffer.  However, it should be noted Fotis beat Gilcher in the dual last season.

152/160: D1 #1 Cam Amine/D1 #2 Kevon Davenport (DCC) vs D2 #1 Austin Boone (Lowell)
Boone will have a tough test regardless in Amine or Davenport.  If it's the latter, it'd be a rematch of an ultimate tiebreaker match won by Boone in 2018.  Not much else to say, just an awesome  matchup either way.

285: D1 #1 Steven Kolcheff (DCC) vs D2 #6 Tyler Delooff (Lowell)
Two junior heavyweights who are both state title contenders.  They met last year with Kolcheff coming out on top in overtime.  Probably can expect something similar today.

MIG Pick: A lot will depend on the matchups here.  DCC should be safe to get out of West Michigan with a win but Lowell won't make it easy on them.  DCC by 15.