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Hudson Super 16 Preview

By MI Grappler, 01/18/19, 9:45AM EST



Every weekend will breakdown the top tournaments to watch around the state.

Our featured tournament preview is the Hudson Super 16 hosted annually at Hudson High School.  Read below for a weight by weight breakdown of the tournament, and click below for a preview of the other major tournaments.

Jim Mooney Williamston Classic
Gary Rivers Memorial Duals @ Lowell
Holt Invite
U.P. Championships


D1 #9 Marcello Luna (Woodhaven)
D2 #1 Jacob Brya (St. Johns)
D3 #3 Dominic Anguiano (Alma)
D4 #1 Bronson Marry (Hudson)
D4 #3 Jared Bunn (Manchester)
Breakdown: A pair of #1's headline the 103 weight and are the favorites to meet in another major tournament final, after Brya defeated Marry at the DCC Invite.  Anguiano dropped to 103 for the first time last week and should compete well here.  Luna and Bunn are slated for a quarterfinal rematch of a bout won by Bunn the first time around.
MIG Picks: 1) Brya 2) Marry 3) Anguiano 4) Bunn


D2 #2 Josh Hilton (Tecumseh)
D3 #1@103 Casey Swiderski (Dundee)
D3 #1 Hunter Assenmacher (Ida)
D3 #2@103 Nolan Rodriguez (Alma)
D4 #3 Caden Sukich (Schoolcraft)
D4 #4 Robert Paterson (Springport)
D4 #8 Dallas Pibbles (Hudson)
Payne Boulter (Jackson NW)
Aiden Bernard (Montrose)
Breakdown: The top-ranked D3 103 lber Swiderski bumped up to wrestle the top-ranked D3 112, Assenmacher, on Wednesday and won 5-2.  He stays up and pits a likely rematch three days later.  But this weight will have a ton of talent pushing both, including Hilton, Rodriguez, Sukich, and Patterson.  Freshmen Boulter and Bernard could be guys to watch for a breakout tourney.
MIG Picks: 1) Swiderski 2) Assenmacher 3) Hilton 4) Rodriguez


D2 #1 Vince Perez (Tecumseh)
D2 #10 Cody Wood (St. Johns)
D3 #2@125 Dametrius Castillo (Alma)
D3 #4 Jake Elasivich (Montrose)
D3 #8 Austin Fietz (Dundee)
D4 #4 Caden Natale (Hudson)
D4 #7 Trenton Graddy (Springport)
D4 #8 Drew Gebhardt (Manchester)
Breakdown: Defending state champ Castillo debuts at 119 for the first time this season.  He'll be on a collision course with undefeated returning state finalist Perez.  Four all-staters follow behind those two with Elasivich, Fietz, Natale, and Gebhardt all in the mix.  Wood and Graddy are both have excellent seasons and should be able to have strong finishes.
MIG Picks: 1) Perez 2) Castillo 3) Elasivich 4) Fietz


D1 #2 Mark Brado (Kettering)
D2 #5 Kellen Patton (Tecumseh)
D3 #1 Corey Gamet (Michigan Center)
D4 #10 Gary Cramer (Schoolcraft)
Ramiro Guerrero (Adrian)
Solomon Rosales (Alma)
Noah Tgiros (Utica Ford)
Breakdown: Not the deepest weight class, but some top-tier guys nonetheless.  Gamet has been untouched in his senior campaign for Michigan Center.  Returning D1 finalist Brado has just one loss, via DQ, on the year and will be looking for a big tournament win.  Patton will likely be his semifinal opponent which will make for a great matchup.  State qualifiers Guerrero and Cramer are also in the mix.
MIG Picks: 1) Gamet 2) Brado 3) Patton 4) Guerrero


D1 #4 TJ Daugherty (Kettering)
D2 #1 Kaleob Whitford (St. Johns)
D2 #6@125 Reese Darrow (Jackson NW)
D2 #8 Josh Hettrick (Annapolis)
D3 #1 Tyler Swiderski (Dundee)
D3 #6 Josh Rankin (Michigan Center)
D3 #10 Sean Kittle (Montrose)
D4 #9 Teddy Peters (Onaway)
Nicholas Pyle (Woodhaven)
Griffin Nicholas (Utica Ford)
Breakdown: Super talented field here.  Daugherty has not lost a high school match in the past two seasons (though he did not wrestle at regionals in '18).  Whitford has had an incredible senior year thus far and will be looking to end that streak.  Swiderski, top-ranked in D3, is another who could contend for a title here, as he's competed with the best guys all season.  Darrow, Rankin, and Hettrick are probably the next grouping behind those three and all are hammers who could pull an upset to make a deep run.
MIG Picks: 1) Whitford 2) Daugherty 3) Swiderski 4) Darrow


D1 #2 Jared Riggins (Jackson)
D1 #10 Gary Nilson (Utica Ford)
D3 #2 Jonathon White (Dundee)
D3 #5 Jarrett Ferman (Alma)
D4 #1 Jordan Hamdan (Hudson)
D4 #3 Matthew Grant (Onaway)
D4 #5 Kody Drewer (Mendon)
Anthony Ferensic (Woodhaven)
Rieley Brado (Kettering)
Grant Tungate (Manchester)
Breakdown: Hamdan will be looking to win his home tournament for the fourth time in his career.  He's cruised through his senior year to this point but could have his biggest test yet on Saturday in Riggins.  Riggins is also undefeated on the season and has scored bonus points in every match.  All-staters White, Grant, and Drewer plus state qualifiers Ferman, Brado, and Tungate make this a deep weight.  Also watch for Nilson, who won the Goodrich TOC, to have a great tourney.
MIG Picks: 1) Hamdan 2) Riggins 3) White 4) Grant


D1 #1 Zach Wells (Utica Ford)
D1 #8@135 Mason Grasso (Woodhaven)
D2 #10 Jake Race (Jackson NW)
D3 #1 Christian Killion (Dundee)
D4 #1 Skyler Crespo (Mendon)
D4 #3 Thomas Potter (Springport)
D4 #5 Rayden Roggow (Athens)
D4 #7 Dylan Smith (Hudson)
Josh Bunn (Manchester)
Breakdown: Three #1's!  D1's Wells, D3's Killion, and D4's Crespo headline this deep weight.  Crespo will be the favorite heading in, backed by his impressive resume which includes two state titles.  Grasso, Potter, and Roggow are all state placers as well to add depth to the field.  The darkhorse is Race, who comes in undefeated on the season and was a state qualifier two years ago.
MIG Picks: 1) Crespo 2) Killion 3) Wells 4) Race


D3 #4@152 Trevor Briggs (Montrose)
D3 #5 Grant Ott (Dundee)
D3 #10 Joe Barton (Ida)
D4 #2 Jordan Tutt (Martin)
D4 #7 Zack Potter (Springport)
D4 #8 Jacob Kurgin (Manchester)
D4 #10 Wyatt Diekman (Mendon)
Coty Ionetz (Onaway)
Elliott Hill (Saline)
Breakdown: Briggs debuts at 145 this weekend.  An all-stater two seasons ago, he's been solid so far in his senior campaign.  Tutt, ranked 2nd in D4, will be in contention to win this weight as well.  Ott, Kurgin, Diekman, and Ionetz are all state qualifiers from a year ago who'll be tough matchups for anyone.  Add Barton, Hill, and Potter, who are all having strong seasons to this point, and it'll be a dogfight from the quarters on.
MIG Picks: 1) Briggs 2) Tutt 3) Ott 4) Barton


D2 #2 James Whitaker (St. Johns)
D2 #10 Isaac Ramirez (Adrian)
D3 #1 Stoney Buell (Dundee)
D3 #6 Justin VanBlaricum (Alma)
D4 #3 Jorge Sereno (Hudson)
Josh Watters (Woodhaven)
Calvin Wade (Fitzgerald)
Mark Fox (Schoolcraft)
Seth Enos (Onaway)
Devin Strong (Springport)
Breakdown: One of the huge matchups that will likely go down is Whitaker-Buell, in a match between state champs.  Both have had tough competition this year so they should be tested and ready to go.  Sereno is the only other state placer but Ramirez, VanBlaricum, Watters and Wade all have state tourney experience.  
MIG Picks: 1) Whitaker 2) Buell 3) Ramirez 4) Watters


D1 #9 Kyle Emery (Woodhaven)
D4 #3 Jacob Roberts (Athens)
D4 #8 John Betz (Hudson)
Gabe Guerrero (Adrian)
Kalim Low (Ida)
Nic Elliott (Utica Ford)
Breakdown: A somewhat open weight class in terms of who'll slide into the top-four.  Emery and Roberts are both state placers.  Roberts has just one loss on the season and Emery is coming off a great match with 2x champ Austin Boone last weekend.  Behind them is a field of guys have solid seasons but a big weekend here could be the boost they need. 
MIG Picks: 1) Emery 2) Roberts 3) Elliott 4) Betz


D2 #7 Braxton Parks (St. Johns)
D3 #10 Aiden Peterson (Hillsdale)
D4 #8 Colin McCaffrey (Manchester)
D4 #9 Hunter Bowersox (Athens)
Cade Gilless (Saline)
Clayton Boatright (Tecumseh)
Breakdown: State qualifiers McCaffrey, Bowersox, and Boatright are joined by regional qualifiers Parks and Peterson.  It's pretty even across the board.  Parks had a solid DCC tournament and is probably the favorite heading in.  Gilless of Saline is under the radar but talented enough to win the whole tourney.
MIG Picks: 1) Parks 2) Gilless 3) Bowersox 4) Peterson


D2 #4 CJ Krum (St. Johns)
Evan Moore (Blissfield)
Cooper Simmons (Martin)
Jacob Phillips (Woodhaven)
Derek Guenther (Manchester)
Norm Davis (Alma)
Breakdown: Krum headlines this weight, ranked 4th in Division 2.  Moore of Blissfield is undefeated on the year and will be looking to continue that this weekend.  Simmons, Guenther, and Davis are all regional qualifiers in the mix, and Phillips is one who could play spoiler and make a deep run.
MIG Picks: 1) Krum 2) Moore 3) Phillips 4) Simmons


D2 #1 Taye Ghadiali (Fitzgerald)
D3 #6 Brian Goetz (Blissfield)
D4 #1 Emmett Bingaman (Mendon)
D4 #3 Michael Minne (Martin)
D4 #6@189 Kyle Moll (Hudson)
D4 #6 Aaron Ludwig (Springport)
Zachary Sabin (Saline)
Breakdown: Back to another 1 vs 1 potential matchup.  Ghadiali and Bingaman are both unbeaten this year and would make for an awesome finals match.  Bingaman will have to survive a big semi with Minne first, ranked 3rd in the same division.  Ludwig has experience on the big stage, placing at the 2018 state tourney.  Goetz, Moll, and Sabin are in there as well and could be tough matchups as well.
MIG Picks: 1) Ghadiali 2) Bingaman 3) Minne 4) Goetz


D3 #2 Brock Kuhn (Michigan Center)
D3 #3 Griffin Barnette (Montrose)
D4 #1 River Fox (Schoolcraft)
D4 #9 Cole Mapes (Camden Frontier)
Ryan Reiniche (Hillsdale)
Max Sellers (Madison)
Simon Lato (Manchester)
Breakdown: Good weight at heavy.  Kuhn has beaten both Barnette and Fox this season in close matches.  Those three will be in the hunt to win this weight, and were all state placers at 285 in D3 last season.  Keep an eye on Mapes, who is currently without a loss on the year.  
MIG Picks: 1) Kuhn 2) Fox 3) Barnette 4) Mapes