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6 Team District Matchups to Watch

By MI Grappler, 02/06/19, 8:00AM EST


6. District 180

Who: D3 #10 Portland (18-11) vs Lakewood (29-8)
When: Thursday, February 7 (5:30 pm)
Where: Lansing Sexton
Notes: Interesting rematch between two teams who have spent time in the rankings this season.  Portland came away with a two-point win in their prior meeting almost exactly one month ago.  Both of these teams will most likely have a handful of state qualifiers each so there will be some great matches.  The dual will probably be decided by whoever can be better from 112-152.  That stretch has a few tossups and lineup moves that can be made, so look for whoever has the advantage there to head to Team Regionals.
MIG Pick: Portland by 3

Portland Weight Lakewood
Carter Johnson 103 #8 Zachary Gibson
Caiden Pelc 112 #8 Kanon Atwell/Kaiden Villanueva
Brandan Wartella 119
Trent Trierweiler 125 Jordan Mulwain
Jared Thelen 130 Gabe Harkey
Marty Thelen 135 Keegan VanAlstine
Dillon Vroman 140 Nathaniel Graham
Ethan Getchell 145 Garrett Stank
Hunter Hoppes 152 Lance Childs
HM Kyle Hinds 160 Vern Fields
#1 Owen Guilford 171 Kyle Petrie
Nathan Zimmerman 189 #2 Jonathan Clack/Allen Shellington
Doak Manshum 215
Zackary Fedewa 285 #5 Grant Clarkson

5. District 149

Who: D2 #7 Niles (14-4) vs Stevensville Lakeshore (9-4)
When: Wednesday, February 6 (6:00 pm)
Where: Stevensville Lakeshore
Notes: Always a great dual and one in which you can throw the records and previous results away when the dual starts.  Lakeshore had a great month of January, spending a short stint in the rankings.  Niles appears to have just a little bit too much for the Lancers through the middle and are probably favored in 9 or 10 weights on paper.  Lakeshore can get crafty with matchups down low and will have to find the best matchup for Taylor, but in the end it'll take a supreme effort to take down 7th-ranked Niles.
MIG Pick: Niles by 12

Niles Weight Lakeshore
#2 Jamison Zimmerman/Carson Landon 103 #4 Cameron Litaker
112 Race Bettich
#7 Ryan Franco 119 Kyle Stampfly/Jonathon Gelesko
Terris Frick 125 #9 Micah Hanau
#5 Bryce Brust/Harrison Haden 130 #2 Shane Williams
#7 Javond Ball 135 Justin Crowder
Kade Wagley 140 Sammy Prince/Brock Strebeck
Skylar Means 145 Case Rohl/Daniel Vaughn
Robert Buckland 152 James Harris
Cole Simpson 160 Erik Taylor
HM Cade Best 171
HM Dawson Bruckner 189 Tamara Rukunda
Kenneth Krempetz/Tysen Custard 215 #4 Zeke Rohl
#5 Brian Soto 285 RJ Veldman

4. District 142

Who: Cedar Springs (15-9) vs Sparta (28-3)
When: Wednesday, February 6 (5:30 pm)
Where: Sparta
Notes: Rematch of an early season tilt won by Sparta, but both teams have a real chance to make it through their region, with Allendale and Reeths Puffer contesting as well.  The first meeting saw the Spartans take 9 bouts, so Cedar will have to flip two to make it competitive.  Sparta is probably locked in weight-wise with their hammers through the middle, and Ringler preventing a bump to 171 (though Rees-Ringler would be an awesome match to see).  If it's a 7-7 split, lean towards Cedar; if one teams wins 8 it'll be Sparta.
MIG Pick: Sparta by 3

Cedar Springs Weight Sparta
Joey Meade 103 Nate Vanocker/Rayana Sahagun
#8 Trevor Marsman/Andrew VanGessel 112 Jaedon Kutzli
119 Hayden Cook
David Erxleben 125
Logan Hull 130 Cody Becker
HM Aaron Smith 135 Dante Wurster
Nathan Elliston/Alex Ream 140 #4 Logan Slominski
#5 Lucus Pienton/Anthony Brew 145 #8 Justin Postal
152 HM Luke Aune
160 #1 Alec Rees
#1 Ryan Ringler 171 Brandon VanDyke
#2 Sage Serbenta 189 Dylan Sied
Xavier Anderson 215 Jovanni Juarez
James Joldersma 285 #6 Jonathan O'Neal

3. District 185

Who: D3 #2 Richmond (21-2) vs D3 #5 Algonac (24-6)
When: Thurs, Februrary 7 (6:00 pm)
Where: Algonac
Notes: Usually we get a preview of this one before the Team District but it was cancelled this year.  It's really a shame one of these teams has to bow out in the first round, because they are clear-cut top-five teams in the division.  Richmond won the BWAC tourney over Algonac by 18 on Saturday in which some individual matches occurred between the two squads.  Looking at the dual, Richmond could put it away with a big contribution from its lower weights alone.  Conversely, Algonac will have to manage bonus down low and pull a couple upsets up top.
MIG Pick: Richmond by 14

Richmond Weight Algonac
HM Hunter Keller 103 Jason Perez
#6 Daniel McNichol/#7 JD Gross 112 Pat Gunnells
119 Cal Kniestadt
#6 Austin Kilburn/HM Josh Barton 125 Joel DeRue
HM Hunter Seguin 130 Stephen Sear
Kevin McKiernan 135 #1 Mark Langewicz
Ryan Griffith 140 Jake Kasner
#3 Hayden Bastian 145 Jacob Bottle
#10 Ethan Wyatt 152 #9 Connor Geerlings
Gavin Resk 160 #5 Noah Babin
#7 Wesley Peters 171 #4 Jack Ferrara/#8 Zack Randall
#8 Noah Montanari 189 Ryan Osterland
#3 Luke Davis/HM Dan McKiernan 215 #6 Joe Ahles
285 #1 Mike Nykoriak

2. District 183

Who: D3 #6 Montrose (22-5) vs D3 #7 Birch Run (21-4)
When: Thurs, Februrary 7 (Time TBA)
Where: Birch Run
Notes: Really great dual that could go either way and matchups will be important as most of the ranked guys are separated.  Barnette beat Watson 1-0 the first time around so expect another close one at heavy.   Skinner has been out for a while with an injury, but if healthy would provide a huge boost for Montrose.  If needed, we could see Elasivich-Breece at 25 which would be a major swing match.  But any way it shakes out, expect a 7-7 split most likely with bonus points deciding this dual between two teams equally deserving of a spot at the state tourney.  
MIG Pick: Montrose by 5

Montrose Weight Birch Run
Thor Robbins 103 Mason Miller
HM Aiden Bernard 112
#3 Jake Elasivich/Seth Coffin 119 Dylan Gage
125 #2 Macintyre Breece/Christian Miller
HM Sean Kittle/Ty Emmendorfer 130
135 Blake Szemites
HM Bobby Skinner/Blake VanCura 140 #8 Ty Tanner/Nolan Bovee
#2 Trevor Briggs/John Fritz 145
Braxton Powell 152 #6 Kyle Parlberg
Cody Smith 160 #6 Trenton Naragon
HM Jack Kalakay 171 Ben Mudge/Nathan Smith
Ryan McNeill 189
HM Levi Harber 215 #1 Brockton Cook
#3 Griffin Barnette 285 #7 Terrance Watson

1. District 119

Who: D1 #8 Temperance Bedford (15-7) vs Woodhaven (19-4)
When: Thursday, February 7 (5:00 pm)
Where: Woodhaven
Notes: Woodhaven has kind of flown under the radar a bit for some reason.  They have four losses, to DCC, Lowell, Hartland, and Indianapolis Cathedral.  On top of that they have a bunch of top-15 caliber guys.  Their counterpart, Bedford, has battled a tough schedule and has a solid lineup top to bottom with a couple heavy hitters spread throughout.  Assuming both teams are at full strength, and for both of their sakes they better be, look for a dual where each team scores in the high 20s or low 30s but a narrow margin of victory.
MIG Pick: Bedford by 2

Bedford Weight Woodhaven
Erik Simmons 103 #9 Marcello Luna
Marcus Rollins 112 Nathan Lundgren
Chase Grzegorczyk 119 Tyler Blanchard
HM Cade Sutterfield 125 Virgilio Lugo
#6 Rollie Denker 130 Nicholas Pyle
Randy Boisselle 135 #7 Mason Grasso/HM Anthony Ferensic
Mason Rimmer 140
HM Connor Frantz 145 #8 Mikale Mitchell
Logan Frantz 152 HM Josh Watters/Gavin Rorke
Jeff Johnson 160 #8 Kyle Emery
#4 Colin Jagielski 171
Cage Dye 189 Jacob Phillips
#2 Blake Wingate 215 Markus Sturgill
Cole Bettencourt 285 Dorian Wesley