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12 Team Regional Matchups to Watch

By MI Grappler, 02/13/19, 8:15AM EST


D2 #2 Eaton Rapids vs D2 #4 DeWitt

Time and Location: 5:30 pm at Mason
Previous Result: N/A
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: Eaton Rapids - 11, DeWitt - 13

For the second straight year, Eaton Rapids and DeWitt will meet at Regionals as top-five ranked teams.  Last year's dual saw #5 Eaton Rapids defeat then-#2 DeWitt in an exciting back-and-forth match which came down to the final match.  Expect a similar dual this year where bonus points will be at a premium and almost every matchup is critical.  Big swing matches at 103 and 215, and then a good stretch of matches between 135 and 152 could decide it.
MIG Pick: Eaton Rapids by 3

Eaton Rapids Weight DeWitt
#9 Jay Shaull 103 #10 Cael Weinzweig
#5 Robert Davids 112 HM Kiefer Kolito
Adrian Sigurani 119 HM Nick Ebright
DaCoda Whalen 125 #10 Matt Foddrill
#8 Hayden Campbell 130 Devonte Stone
#2 Chris Haynes 135 HM Ronnie Slater
#6 Chad Haynes 140 HM Luke York
#1 Caleb Fish 145 #6 Tyler Brandt
HM Nick Haynes 152 #3 Quenten Hall
HM Brayden McNamara 160 Kaeden Southworth
#9 Jared Davis 171 #8 Jacob Brandt
Dan Parish 189 #6 Chandler Murton
HM Dylan Norris 215 HM Doug Trutzl
Jaden West 285 Zachary Hasse

D1 #4 John Glenn vs D1 #8 Bedford

Time and Location: 5:30 pm at Livonia Franklin
Previous Result: N/A
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: John Glenn - 9, Bedford - 7

Another dual that should come down to the wire here, projecting a likely 7-7 split in matches won.  Glenn should be able to take the lower weights and Bedford has the upper hand in the upper weights.  So that'll mean that 140-160 is where this dual will be won.  Bedford's lineup is a very good one from top to bottom with no real holes, and Glenn's is similar with a little more firepower throughout.  Both deserving teams, but only one will advance.
MIG Pick: John Glenn by 2

John Glenn Weight Bedford
#6 Josh Mars 103 Erik Simmons
HM Ty Cowen 112 Marcus Rollins
Ethan Collins 119 Grant Burton/Chase Gregorczyk
#2 Caleb Meekins 125 HM Cade Sutterfield
Charles Kersten 130 #6 Rollie Denker
#5 Kyle Borthwell 135 Randy Boisselle
#9 Shawn Brown/Anthony Hudson 140 Mason Rimmer
#6 Brenten Polk 145 Connor Frantz
152 Logan Frantz
Graden Bowen 160 Jeff Johnson
Justin Morrison 171 #4 Colin Jagielski
Sadq Sheikhmeeri 189 Cage Dye
Hayden Rhoades 215 #2 Blake Wingate
Antoine Hines 285 Cole Bettencourt

D2 #5 Gaylord vs D2 #9 St. Johns

Time and Location: 6:00 pm at Gaylord
Previous Result: N/A
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: Gaylord - 12, St. Johns - 11

Year three of a Regional meeting between these two power programs.  St. Johns won in '17, Gaylord returned the favor last year.  A byproduct of those outcomes has developed into a legitimately intense rivalry between the two schools, which should make for an exciting dual.  That said, Gaylord should be able to hold off the Red Wings as they have a great deal of flexibility where their "plug and play" guys can hold their own and the hammers in their lineup can maximize bonus points.  
MIG Pick: Gaylord by 12

Gaylord Weight St. Johns
HM Gabe Thompson/Ian Preston 103 #1 Jacob Brya
Bennett Sides 112
HM Will Sides 119 HM Cody Wood
#1 Chayse LaJoie 125 Brendon Smith
#7 John Henry Sosa 130 #1 Kaleob Whitford
#9 Rico Brown 135 Fernando Jimenez/Blair Miller
Kaiden Yocum 140 Justice Gonzalez
Cody Starks 145 Keegan Kinne
#10 Dmitri Smith 152 #2 James Whitaker
#4 Jacob McKnight 160
Quinn Schulz 171 #7 Braxton Parks
#5 Cade Foster 189 #4 CJ Krum
#9 AJ Krumholz 215 Andy Fortin/Kane Larrison
Ja'Vion Heard 285 Brandon Yanna

D1 #7 Clarkston vs D1 #9 Oxford

Time and Location: 5:00 pm at Oxford
Previous Result: Clarkston def. Oxford, 32-29
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: Clarkston - 9, Oxford - 10

Second meeting of the year between these two, with the first one being decided by three points - though both teams had notable starters out.  Clarkston will be looking to return to Team State for the first time since 2007, while Oxford has been to the finals 10 of the past 11 seasons.  That in itself is an intangible that should be taken into account.  119, 125, 130, 152, and 215 will all be good matches if they happen.  
MIG Pick: Clarkston by 6

Clarkston Weight Oxford
Dru Martin 103 Kade Rushlow
Gabe Gipe 112 #8 Darren McLeod
#7 Ashton Anderson 119 #6 Jack Thompson/#9 Matthew Curtis
#9 Cole Wiegers/#9(130) Mac Hanselman 125
130 #10 Liam Hillary/Sal Vackaro
#6 Conor Donahue/#7 Grady Castle 135 Nathan Call
HM Ethan Polick 140
#8 Jake Billette 145 HM Joe Vackaro
152 HM Trent Myre
#2 Devin Trevino 160 Thomas Wandrie
Angelo Marino 171 Gabe Kerin
Frank Davis 189 Melvin Eckles
#5 Jacob Jones/Drew Stark 215 #4 Austin Schlicht
285 Brennan Mielnicki

D2 #10 Allendale vs Reeths Puffer/Cedar Springs

Time and Location: 5:30 pm at Cedar Springs
Previous Result: Reeths Puffer def. Allendale 45-26, Cedar Springs def. Reeths Puffer 38-32
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: Allendale - 9, Cedar Springs - 8, Reeths Puffer - 9

This region is pretty open between three really good teams.  Two of these squads are looking to break long Team State droughts; Cedar has not advanced since 1996, and Reeths Puffer has not yet made an appearance.  Puffer wrestled both teams in early December, beating Allendale on opening weekend and then falling to Cedar Springs a couple weeks later.  Cedar and Puffer will wrestle first, with the winner likely taking on Allendale in the finals.  As tough as it is to win two tough duals, Reeths Puffer may be the team to get through this region with two narrow wins.  But, this is truly anyone's region to win.
MIG Pick: R-P over Cedar Springs by 6, R-P over Allendale by 12

Weight Allendale Reeths Puffer Cedar Springs
103 Hilton Rood Connor Bloomstrom Joey Meade
112 Jakov Ramos #6 Jacob Blawat/Gerald Woodland #9 Trevor Marsman/Andrew VanGessel
119 #5 Cristian Perez/Caleb Huyser
125 Austin Brown HM Noah McKinnon David Erxleben
130 Alexander Chipman Logan Hull
135 Cameron Fess James Rozycki/Jack TeVrucht HM Aaron Smith
140 Andrew Hollenbeck Nathan Elliston
145 Jordan Silvis Thade Radosa #7 Lucus Pienton/Anthony Brew
152 #4 Nathan Wynsma Caleb McNeil
160 #7 Dillon Reeder Colby Stephenson/Tyler Nichols Alex Ream
171 Curtis Boelens Payton Dobben #1 Ryan Ringler
189 Owen Burk #7 Gerrit Andrus #3 Sage Serbenta
215 #6 Jordan DeGroot/Ryan Pothoof #3 Hunter McCall Xavier Anderson
285 James Joldersma

D3 #8 Alma vs D3 #10 Lakewood

Time and Location: 6:00 pm at Alma
Previous Result: N/A
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: Alma - 10, Lakewood - 10

Lakewood jumped back into the rankings this week after knocking off Portland by 3 in the Team District.  Alma defeated Portland twice during the year, by 11 and 1 point in those matches.  Last weekend, in matches between the teams Alma took 8 of the 12 head-to-heads.  A major factor here, though, will be who Alma has at 103.  Returning all-state Nolan Rodriguez did not wrestle at Districts and Anguiano went up to 112.  If neither is at 103 it's a massive boost for Lakewood.  130-171 is probably the most important stretch of the dual, though Alma has a couple locks in that range.  However it shakes out, probably expect a margin in the single digits.
MIG Pick: Alma by 3

Alma Weight Lakewood
Nolan Rodriguez/HM(112) Dominic Anguiano 103 #5 Zachary Gibson
112 #8 Kanon Atwell/Kaiden Villanueva
#4 Dametrius Castillo/Harrison Seeley 119 Jordan McIllwain
HM Solomon Rosales 125
Josiah Baltierra 130 Gabe Harkey
#5 Jarrett Ferman/Adam Garcia 135 Keegan VanAlstine
140 Nathaniel Graham
Jacob Munger 145 Garrett Stank
#5 Justin VanBlaricum/Jake Cena 152 Lance Childs
160 Vern Fields
Carlos Espinosa 171 Kyle Petrie
Norman Davis/Coleton Garrett 189 #3 Jon Clack/Allen Shellington
Mason Everitt 285 #4 Grant Clarkson

D2 #8 Tecumseh vs New Boston Huron, Melvindale

Time and Location: 5:00 pm at Tecumseh
Previous Meeting: Tecumseh def. NB Huron, 47-36
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: Tecumseh - 7, NB Huron - 9, Melvindale - 10

Another rematch of a week one meeting that saw Tecumseh defeat Huron by 11.  Huron's lineup has been boosted since then and it should be another great dual.  The two lineups are diametrically opposed as Tecumseh is dominant in from 103-130 and Huron after that, in most weights.  David Jividen, who was 4th in the state last year, could be a big boost for Huron if he goes; he didn't enter at districts and hasn't wrestled since week 2.  Tecumseh will have to take a match or two in the middle or Huron will pull off the upset.  After that, neither team can sleep on Melvindale, who qualified ten wrestlers to the individual regionals. 
MIG Pick: Tecumseh over Huron by 7, Tecumseh over Melvindale by 15 

Weight Tecumseh NB Huron Melvindale
103 Jeremiah Torres Codi Clark #5 Musa Yahia/Ali Majid
112 #2 Josh Hilton Caleb Ferguson Ahmed Said
119 #1 Vince Perez John Graybeal Yaser Ghalib
125 #4 Kellen Patton David Jividen/John Lakatos
130 Victor Coscarelli Michael Ramsey Bashar Ahmed
135 Lucas Petty/Aaron Ebersole HM Dylan Carr Amjad Jomaa
140 Nick Tincher #3 Owen Zablocki/Griffin Cholette Hamzah Ghaleb
145 Andrew Winkler/Olen Boatright HM Kaleb Rosen Moshin Hussein
152 Brendan Dyer Bobby Copley #6 Devin Spears
160 #9 Adam Brenner/#10 Nelson Poet Cody Maggard
171 HM(189) Clayton Boatright #3 Cody Brenner Conner Johnson
189 James Clark Braden Damiani Sami Youssef
215 Trent Tidswell Brenden Damiani Xavier Goines
285 Mychal Bryan Tyler Short Gaith Salem

D4 #4 Carson City vs D4 #6 Hart

Time and Location: 6:00 pm at Maple Valley
Previous Result: N/A
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: Carson City - 13, Hart - 11

24 Regional Qualifiers between the two squads will definitely make for some good individual matchups, with up to six potential ranked matches.  The biggest matchups include three matches from last weekend with Cantu vs Johnson, Shepler vs Whitney/Mallory, and Adkins vs Vanderzwaag.  CC-C has a big advantage from 152 and up, where realistically even if Hart wins all the swing matches, they should still be in line for the win.
MIG Pick: Carson City by 21

Carson City Weight Hart
Jared Shepler 103 Noah Bosley
#2 Nolan Datema 112 Spencer Vanderzwaag
Cole Stone 119 #1 Robbie Altland/Chance Alvesteffer
#3 Jaron Johnson 125 #2 Noah Cantu
#2 Jamison Ward 130 Mason Cantu
#7 Daryn Shepler/Bryce Stanley 135 #8 Andrew Whitney/#9 Jordan Mallory
#9 Aiden Adkins 140 #8 Jayden Vanderzwaag
#7 Caleb Collins 152 Jerry Brandel
#2 Braxton Seida 160 Thomas Tanner/Leo Guaddarama
Nash Akin/Brandon Murray 171 #5 Alex Holladay
#3 Daniel Smith 189 John Lopez
#9 Brian Yeakey 215 Cesar Velasquez
Ryan Holland 285 Tanner Breitswisch

D4 #5 Manchester vs D4 #10 Springport

Time and Location: 6:00 pm at Springport
Previous Result: N/A
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: Manchester - 14, Springport - 11

Another D4 dual with 20+ RQs as 25 combined between the teams will battle in this one.  Manchester's squad is a little more seasoned and balanced, but Springport could win probably 5 or 6 matches.  They'll need to take a couple swing matches in the middle and win at 112 and 215 to be competitive.  In short, Manchester doesn't have a hole in the lineup so it's tough to pick against them. 
MIG Pick: Manchester by 20

Manchester Weight Springport
#4 Jake Bunn/#5 Jared Bunn 103 Erik Dykstra
112 Joe Sunkle
#10 Drew Gebhardt 119 HM Robert Paterson/HM Trenton Graddy
Trent Froreich 125 HM Gavin Caudill
#1 Jacob Shelby/Adam Pringle 130
HM Grant Tungate 135 Dylan Sanford
HM Josh Bunn 140 #2 Thomas Potter
#7 Jacob Kurgin 145 HM Zack Potter
Max Wagner 152 Devin Strong
HM Nick Phillips 160 Barak Haring
#6 Colin McCaffrey 171 Martin Warner
#8 Derek Guenther 189 Isaac Pierpoint
Travis Withrow 215 HM Aaron Ludwig/Andrew Dotson
#10 Simon Lato 285 Nathan Howell

D4 #1 Husdon vs D4 #9 Bronson, D4 #7 Mendon

Time and Location: 6:00 pm at Mendon
Previous Results: N/A
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: Hudson - 11, Mendon - 8, Bronson - 8

This one shouldn't really be in doubt as to who will come through, with top-ranked Hudson involved, but there will be a ton of big matches that we could see again on Saturday.  The Tigers will have to go through both teams to make it back to Team State.  As the lineup sits, they're a good team.  If Carson Price, Tucker Sholl, and Isiah Krizek - all past top-four placers - return, they're the team to beat in the whole division.
MIG Picks: Hudson over Bronson by 21, Hudson over Mendon by 18

Weight Hudson Bronson Mendon
103 #2 Bronson Marry/Payton Rogers Preston Wronikowski
112 #4 Dallas Pibbles #1 Ben Modert Kyle Drewer
119 #3 Caden Natale/Tyler Bolenbaugh Braxton Nuttle Bodhi Miller
125 #8 CJ Berro Brendan Withington Logan Hunter
130 Jorge Segura Chris Rios
135 #1 Jordan Hamdan Aricin Smith #2 Kody Drewer
140 #10(145) Dylan Smith Jared Shotzman #1 Skyler Crespo
145 Kameron Betzer Craig Tappenden #8 Eric Vergauwen/#9 Wyatt Diekman
152 #2 Jorge Sereno HM Isaac Tappenden Tristen Shimel
160 HM(171) John Betz #9(171) Ruger Ranney
171 Ethan Harris JC DePaz
189 #5 Kyle Moll/Cameron Underwood HM Justin Blankenship Jacob Dudley
215 Carson Rose #1 Emmett Bingaman
285 Sukhman Parhar HM Alex Tyer Zach Duchene

D1 #2 Brighton vs D1 #10 Holt

Time and Location: 5:30 pm at Holt
Previous Result: N/A
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: Brighton - 14, Holt - 8

Again, not really a dual that will be in question from a results standpoint, but it's hard to omit a one-loss Holt squad.  They pushed eight through districts, which would be outstanding if they matched up with most teams.  Just not Brighton, who advanced all 14.  However, look for competitive bouts at 103, 125, 140, 145, and 160.  
MIG Pick: Brighton by 39

Brighton Weight Holt
#8 Aiden Smith 103 HM Zac Platte
112 HM Jose Santiago
#3 Sam Freeman/#8 Mason Shrader 119 Alex Russell
#1 Eddie Homrock 125 #8 Dylan Phelps/Jason Jones
#3 Zach Johnson/Aiden Brown 135 Ralph Thompson
#6 Rhett Newton 140 HM Christian Lenon
145 #10 Ryan Granger
#4 Victor Grabowski/#8 Harley Berne 152 Nathan Bremer
#9 Dane Donabedian 160 #8 Colby Deberry
#1 River Shettler 171 Ian Smith
#3 Greyson Stevens 189 Isaiah Scruggs
#1 Luke Stanton 215 Peyton Bruce
Colby Ford 285 Josh Terrill

D4 - White Pigeon vs Schoolcraft

Time and Location: 6:00 pm at Watervliet
Previous Result: Schoolcraft def. White Pigeon 42-31, White Pigeon def. Schoolcraft 42-34
Ind. Regional Qualifiers: White Pigeon - 11, Schoolcraft - 8

Very intriguing D4 dual with a matchup that saw a split of regular season duals.  Schoolcraft won the first one, and White Pigeon flipped the result the second time around.  Schoolcraft has been dominant in the meetings from 103-130, but Atherton being down at 130 now for WP is huge as it keeps Schoolcraft from bumping Cramer.  160-189 could be where this dual is won.  The other weights are a 6-5 split in favor of Schoolcraft.
MIG Pick: Schoolcraft by 3

White Pigegon Weight Schoolcraft
Yzack Hagen/Preston Delarye 103 Lane DeLoof
HM Austin Raymond 112 #3 Caden Sukich
119 Hunter Martens
Carlos Castro 125 HM Gary Cramer
#6 Evan Atherton/Lincoln Strawser 130 Caleb Niewiadomski
135 HM Brady Gillespie
Dakota Conley 140
#2 Kyle Black 145 Sam Bell/Jett Gott
Jack Davidson 152 #10 Mark Fox
Collin Mayville 160 Brandon Newland
Luke Gropp 171 Silver Fox
189 Josh Stokes
HM Dominic Solis 215 Garen Phillips
#2 Kobie Debruine 285 #1 River Fox