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On Paper: D2/D3 Semifinals

By MI Grappler, 02/23/19, 7:30AM EST


D2: (1) Lowell vs (4) Gaylord

Lowell is two wins away from making history as the first team to win six straight state titles in any division.  They will first face off with Gaylord in a rematch of last year's state title match. 

The best stretch for matches in this dual will be from 112-130.  LaJoie-Strejc and Sosa-Jankowski are big matches between state placers.  Gaylord will also try to win the flip and get McKnight off of Boone at 160 and likely bump from there.  

Lowell can help their cause by picking up big bonus points in matches they are heavily favored.  The Arrows have a ton of depth and flexibility and should be able to survive what will be a tough, physical test from one-loss Gaylord.

MIG Pick: Lowell by 18

Lowell Weight Gaylord
#7 Ramsy Mutschler 103 HM Gabe Thompson
#6 Nick Korhorn 112 Bennett Sides
Cole Huisman/Bryce McCune 119 #9 Will Sides
#5 Zeth Strejc 125 #1 Chayse LaJoie
#2 Dawson Jankowski 130 #6 John Sosa
#8 Jeff Leach 135 Kaeden Yocum
#1 Avry Mutschler 140 Caleb Preston
#6 James Fotis/#8 Doak Dean 145 Cody Starks
152 Dmitri Smith
#1(152) Austin Boone 160 #2 Jacob McKnight
#10(160) Jacob Lee/#10 Derek Mohr 171 HM Quinn Schulz
Jacob Hough 189 #8 Cade Foster
215 #10 AJ Krumholz/Austin Kettlewell
#6 Tyler Delooff 285

D2: (2) Goodrich vs (3) DeWitt

Rematch of a December dual won by the Martians, 34-30.  DeWitt's lineup has remained in tact for the most part since then, while Goodrich has dropped a few guys.  

Choice will be critical in this dual as well, as DeWitt may have to go head-to-head with some of Goodrich's hammers and take one or two of them.  If it turns into a bonus point race, the advantage will go to Goodrich.  DeWitt needs to win the flip and make Goodrich send at 125 and 189.  

Critical matches are at 135 (Turnbow won 3-2 last time), 171, and 160 if DeWitt bumps Hall up to Vines.  Expect Goodrich to keep Edwards down at 140, which will then make sense for DeWitt to bump from York to Hall.  

DeWitt is seeking its first state finals berth as this is their first semifinals appearance; Goodrich is hoping to return since they won back-to-back titles in 2008/2009.  We'll go with the Martians, but DeWitt is 3-0 in duals we've picked against them this year, so maybe that's the boost they need.

MIG Pick: Goodrich by 3

Goodrich Weight DeWitt
Ryan Angelo 103 Cael Weinzweig
Zion Cheff 112 Kiefer Kolito
#8 Cameron Macklem 119 Ryan Dixon
#3 Caleb Teague/HM Carson Richards 125 #10 Matt Foddrill
130 Devonte Stone
Carson Turnbow 135 Ronnie Slater
#8 Dominic Edwards/Colin Austin 140 Luke York
145 #7 Tyler Brandt/Andrew Ainslie
Sam Fisher 152 #3 Quenten Hall
#5 Juwan Vines 160
#2 James Penfold 171 #8 Jacob Brandt
#2(215) Honour Kline/Kevin Patterson 189 #5 Chandler Murton
215 Doug Trutzl/Zachary Hasse
Blake Coffell 285

D3: (1) Richmond vs (4) Chippewa Hills

Another rematch of last year's semifinal won by this year's top seed, Richmond.  The Blue Devils appear to be in a pretty good spot to make a return appearance, though Chip Hills is always a tough out and a team filled with gritty, tough kids.

The marquee match could come at 140 or 145 with Bastian vs Hayes. Bastian was 4th in the state last year, while Hayes is still undefeated on the year; Bastian defeated Hayes in last year's team semi.

112 and 119 are also big swing matches between four state qualifiers, as is 125.  Richmond has some flexibility up top and it makes sense, if needed, to keep McKiernan at 215 and bump Davis to heavy.  135-189 is the stretch the Warriors need to control if they're going to stay in the dual and hope for the upset.

MIG Pick: Richmond by 15

Richmond Weight Chip Hills
#7 Hunter Keller 103 Robert VanVleet
#7 Daniel McNichol/#8 JD Gross 112 HM Daylin Wittig/HM Taylor Gibson
#5 Austin Kilburn/Josh Barton 125 #10 Carson Hayes/Keigan Storey
#9 Hunter Seguin 130
Kevin McKiernan 135 #7 Bray Haynes
#2 Hayden Bastian/HM(145) Ethan Wyatt 140 #4 Mason Hayes/Justin Bonner
Regan Rewalt 152 #9(160) Trenten Wiggins
#4(171) Wesley Peters/Eric Barr 160 Trevor Swix
171 HM Gabriel Petoskey
Noah Montanari 189 #4 Chayton Wiggins
#2 Luke Davis/#9 Dan McKiernan 215 HM Carl Whipple
285 #6 Colby Roosa

D3: (2) Dundee vs (3) Whitehall

Tremendous matchup, again a rematch of last year's semi, between 2nd-seeded Dundee and 3rd-seeded Whitehall.  Matchups will be critical in this one, as Dundee has to get creative with their bumps.

From 103-119, look for Whitehall to take one of the three matches, depending on choice and who Dundee throws.  Having Swiderski at 130 forces Whitehall to keep Brown at 25 and triggers a run of what needs to be big bonus points for the defending champs from 130-145. 

Once 152 hits, both teams have a decision to make - do you stay down or bump?  Whitehall is rock solid from 152-285 but they will have to take five of those six to stay in contention.  That means Dundee needs to win two - Buell is one, and they'll look to get Guinn in a favorable matchup.  Last year he beat Venema 3-0 in the Team Semi, so that may be the move and, since Whitehall needs to win that one, expect them to stay down.  

The Dundee program looks to advance to the finals for the 12th time in 13 years, Whitehall seeks its first.  Have to go with the tradition of the Vikings in blue on this one, but expect a tremendous match.

MIG Pick: Dundee by 8

Dundee Weight Whitehall
#1 Casey Swiderski/HM Kyle Smith 103 #6 Aiden Weiler
#4 Austin Fietz 112 Sam Baustert
119 Riley Buys
Austin Jaworski 125 #7 Max Brown/Nick Blanchard
#2(135) Tyler Swiderski/Nic Bellaire 130
#1 Jonathon White 135 HM Jacob Haynes
#1 Christian Killion/Caleb Fairchild 140 HM Marco Moore
#3 Grant Ott 145 HM Kyler Honore/Chris Dowdell
#1 Stoney Buell 152 #5 Ira Jenkins
Cal McAvoy 160 #3 Trenton Blanchard
#2 Jaxon Guinn 171 #2(189) Kayleb Venema
Kaiden Hubbell 189 #5(215) Allen Powers
Dennis Root 215 HM Jarrean Sargeant
285 Alex Britton

  • By MI Grappler 05/16/2019, 8:45am EDT
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